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  • The Fan's Year in Sports, 2012
    Often what goes on off the field is just as interesting as what's happening under the lights. Go back through tailgate parties, cheerleader try-outs, skateboarding events, championship parades, roller derby bouts, a little MMA and even a little flugtag with the fan's year in sports from across...
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  • Night Moves: Farewell to Wish
    Wish Ultralounge closed its doors after nearly a decade as one of the Dallas nightlife's marquee venues. Owner Sam Sameni and his staff hosted one final party Sunday night to cap off seven years of good memories. Photographer Roderick Pullum was on hand to capture the scene.RELATED: Night...
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  • The Adorable Animals of the Holiday Pet Expo
    On Saturday, December 1, area dogs, cats, rodents, birds, reptiles, horses and children gathered at the Automobile Building in Fair Park for the Holiday Pet Expo. Photographer Catherine Downes was on hand to snap the adorbz pets.
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  • The People of Unsilent Night 2012
    Unsilent Night, which is not a horror film about a murderous Santa Claus, took over Fair Park's Centennial Hall on December 1, 2012. Headliners Glass Jaw, Big Chocolate, and Lydia were part of a full day of Unsilent's notable mix of hip-hop, DJ, and rock acts. Photographer Mike Brooks was on...
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  • The Grand Opening of Luxx
    Night Moves photographer Roderick Pullum was on hand for the packed crowd downtown at Pearl street for the grand opening of Luxx. DJ Joe Vega and ATG were in the mix. RELATED: Night Moves: A Kiss, A Tattoo
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  • Night Moves: A Kiss, A Tattoo
    Roderick Pullum was on hand for Cameo Thursday nights (November 29) with DJ D-Roz. This was the scene.
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  • 26 Awesome Photos from November 2012
    Here we are, at the final lap of 2013. The Mayan Calendar's days winding to a close. Before a fiery gulch accepts the Earth, we take a look back at the photos that knocked our socks off in November 2012 from our indefatigable photographers.RELATED: Scenes from Dallas in Our Slideshow Section
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  • The Chronicles of a CouchSurfer
    Photographer, student, Dallas Observer intern Stephanie Embree recently embarked on a trip to New Orleans. Except, she CouchSurfed her way there (couchsurfing, of course, is a networking site that allows wayfarers to crash on strangers' couches using a Facebook-like profile). This is her...
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  • Night Moves: Mavs Vs. Lakers After-Party
    Photographer Roderick Pullum spent Saturday evening at Synn's Mavs Vs. Lakers after-party with Los Angeles-based JD Mark Da Spot. This was the scene.See also: Night Moves: Happy Thanksgiving
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  • The People of the Walmart Strike
    This week's strike is part of an escalating battle between OUR Walmart, an employees' group backed and funded by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, and Walmart, which is famously anti-union. Workers are protesting low wages, poor benefits, arbitrary cuts to hours and...
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  • Night Moves: Happy Thanksgiving
    Photographer Roderick Pullum took the night before Thanksgiving at Le Vu See also: Night Moves: The Le Vu Grand Soft Opening
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  • The One-Year Anniversary at Winston's Supperclub
    Winston's Supperclub capped off their One Year Anniversary weekend celebration with a live performance by legendary Hip Hop icon DJ Premier. Photographer Roderick Pullum was on hand to capture the scene.
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