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  • The 20 Most Memorable Concerts of 2012
    There were too many great performances this year, in venues big and small, by acts local and national, to thoroughly cover within the confines of a blog post. This year's DOMA showcase (self-indulgence alert!) provided some transcendental local sets, we had a wealth of great festival acts to...
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  • Night Moves: Afterhours at Eden
    Photographer Roderick Pullum was on hand to capture the Eden afterhours party in the old Jaguar's spot. This was the scene.
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  • The Year in Dallas Food Porn
    First thing's first: if you're sick of the word food porn, or screaming-mad from the plethora of dense, decadent, NSFW photos of burgers with steamy cheese and fluffy doughnuts lightly-dusted with cinnamon-sugar, then please for the love of Jesus turn away. This post is not for you. Well,...
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  • Festivus Follies by Viva Dallas Burlesque (NSFW)
    The Lakewood Theater brought a healthy amount of naughty on Friday, December 8, when Viva Dallas Burlesque performed their Festivus Follies with the help of burlesque legend Jo “Boobs” Weldon (author of The Burlesque Handbook) and Portland’s Angelique DeVil. Proceeds from the event go to...
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  • The DFW Zombie Run 7K Challenge
    It's just days now before the end of all things. On December 21, the Mayan Calendar will end. Which probably means zombies, and zombies will probably need to exercise. Brains are high in cholesterol, zombie scientists say. Anyway, earlier this week, Sinister Times Productions LLC sponsored "...
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  • Odd Future and the Fans at Palladium Ballroom
    Roughly two years of buzz later, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, also known as Odd Future, finally made a non-SXSW Texas appearance. Coffee House Music Club & 365 Entertainment brought their act to the Palladium Ballroom on Thursday, December 6. Photographer Mike Brooks was on hand to...
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  • The Best Meat Photos of 2012
    Oh the meaty places you'll go when you enter Dallas' city limits! From the epic Meat Fight to a brisket taco crawl, our photographers are satiated. This is the carnivore's year in photos. RELATED: The Best Meat Photos of 2011
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  • Victoria’s Secret Watch Party at Twin Peaks
    In the spirit of last night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Twin Peaks in Addison's staff held their own lingerie contest for the crowd. Photographer Roderick Pullum was on hand to capture the scene.RELATED: Miss Twin Peaks 2012: The Bikini Contest
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  • The Best of NSFW 2012 in Dallas
    In case you missed it, this is probably not the slide show you should be scrolling through at work. Or, if you do, use some sort of Jason Bourne-esque technology that scrambles your IP address (we wouldn't know anything about that really). Anyway, here is the year in Dallas NSFW photos.
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  • The 12 Most Ridiculous Criminals of 2012
    And so, we approach the end of 2012. The year that saw a wide range of absurd, bizarre and downright moronic crimes--from that guy who waved around an AK-47, to Randy Travis' naked tush in the road. Before the end of the year, we look back on the year's most bizarre.Read more on crime in Dallas...
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  • The Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade 2012
    Photographer Danny Hurley was embedded in downtown Dallas for the 25th annual Children's Medical Center Holiday Parade. This was the scene.
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  • Night Moves: Farewell to Wish
    Wish Ultralounge closed its doors after nearly a decade as one of the Dallas nightlife's marquee venues. Owner Sam Sameni and his staff hosted one final party Sunday night to cap off seven years of good memories. Photographer Roderick Pullum was on hand to capture the scene.RELATED: Night...
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