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  • Tailgating at Cowboys - 49ers
    The best part about the Cowboys' season opener on Sunday was almost certainly the tailgating. RHOMBI SURVIVOR was the man mingling with the tailgaters.
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  • The 11 Best Found-Footage Horror Movies
    Found footage horror movie As Above, So Below follows a team of urban explorers into the catacombs beneath Paris, home to "200 miles of tunnels right underneath our feet!" as announced in the trailer by Perdita Weeks, who plays urban archeology student Scarlett Marlowe. "Holding the remains of...
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  • Our Favorite Dallas Party People of August
    Once more we've put together our favorite party photos of you, the good people of Dallas, from our nightlife adventures. All photos by Roderick Pullum.
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  • Labor Day Pool Party at Crowne Plaza
    Roderick Pullum takes us inside Crowne Plaza's Labor Day pool party.
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  • The Fans of Fort Worth's Clearfork Festival
    While Clearfork Festival might have been plagued with attendance problems, RHOMBI SURVIVOR still clearly had a good time, and here's the evidence.
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  • 35 Denton Party at Hailey's
    35 Denton is going to be back and bigger than ever next year, and to celebrate they put on a party at Hailey's to sell advance tickets. Ed Steele put in an early audition for photographing 35 Denton.
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  • The Cool Kids of Mad Decent Block Party
    Roderick Pullum went to party with the happening kids of Mad Decent Block Party at Zouk, and he sent us back these shots.
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  • Roaring '20s Burlesque (NSFW)
    Ed Steele takes us inside the Texas Theater to give us a peek into the naughty side of the 1920s.
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  • The Ticket Fight Night 2014
    The Ticket's annual fight night at the Village Country Club settles scores by the dozen, and the ladies aren't bad either. Mike Brooks, P1 to the core, was there to capture the evening for us.
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  • Sausage Fest 2014 (NSFW-ish)
    105.3 The Fan presents Sausage Fest 2014 featuring the Miss Sausage Fest Bikini Contest, DJ Melissa Richey and Beastie Boys cover band Rhymin' & Stealin'. Roderick Pullum took the snaps.
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  • Nightlife: Jetset Saturdays at LUXX (NSFW)
    We Rock Hip Hop presents "Jetset" Saturdays at Luxx, and Roderick Pullum was there to take the photos.
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  • Nightlife: RAW Dallas' Allure
    RAW Dallas, the organization that serves as haven for artist of all genres, took over Lizard Lounge for their event "Allure". The night was filled with the RAW Dallas staples music, fashion and art. Roderick Pullum was our man.
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