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  • The Calatrava Bridge Opening: Day One With Lyle Lovett
    Full recap of night one: Patting Backs, Drinking Drinks on Margaret Hunt HillSo, it's begun: the Calatrava bridge is "open" (hang on, you can't drive it just yet). Mayor Mike Rawlings and former Mayor Ron Kirk were among the first to hit the podium at Day One of the Bridge-o-Rama celebrations...
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  • Night Moves: That's One Unique Thursday
    It was the Grand Premier of "Unique Thursdays" at Thrive with Houston's own DJ GT on Thursday (right?) March 1. The party was hosted by Minnesota Viking Remi Ayodele and Sergio Kindle from the Baltimore Ravens. All photos by Roderick Pullum. More on Dallas' nightlife on DC9 at Night
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  • Megadeth, the Gigantour, at The Palladium Ballroom
    The full review: Gigantour Featuring Megadeth, Volbeat and Lacuna CoiMegadeth,Volbeat and Lacuna Coil played The Palladium Ballroom on Thursday, March 1. Motorhead was due to play, but canceled due to illness. All photos by Roger Caldwell
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  • The 20 Best Photos from February 2012
    This month, Shepard Fairey did Dallas up pretty good, an Oron shuttle dropped near the AAC, men cried over habenero wings, and Dallas had a burlesque spectacular. These are the photos.
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  • The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge: 10 Stunning Justin Terveen Pics
    You may have heard: the Calatrava-designed Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is having a celebration on March 2-4--with Lyle Lovett, Jonathan Tyler, and the Relatives.In honor of the celebration, we asked the always-good Justin Terveen to send us 10 picks from his stunning bridge photos. These are his...
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  • 20 Delicious Guilty Pleasure Foods in Dallas
    Dallas is an exciting place to indulge. The recent gourmet-ification of comfort foods like chicken and waffles, mac & cheese, and tacos speak to us. These are dishes from around Dallas that make our toes curl, but may, possibly, not be the healthiest dishes in the universe.
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  • Night Moves: A Saturday at Winston's Supperclub
    DJ Inzo was on hand for Winston's Supperclub's Cupid's Revenge party on Saturday in Dallas. Photos by Roderick Pullum See more Night Moves: our slideshow section
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  • The All-Star National Cheerleading Championship
    The National Cheerleaders Association's All-Star Championship kicked off on Saturday, February 25 at the Dallas Convention Center. Nearly 17,000 cheerleaders--from all over the U.S.--for the "5-Star" Championship awards bid. Photos by Stephen MaskerSee more in our slideshow section
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  • The 10 Most Texan Beers
    This coming Fourth of July, don't just celebrate your American patriotism; celebrate your Lone Star patriotism with one of these 10 beers, the most Texan beers ever to grace our refrigerators, kegs and tap lines.
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  • 10 Awesome Breakfasts in Dallas
    City of Ate likes pork. And eggs. And chicken fried things. They're fully stuffed by morning's end. These are some of our food blog's picks for a badass breakfast in Dallas. More on City of Ate
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  • The Fashion at the Pin Show
    Featuring work by 35 independent designers, both local and national, the Pin Up Show is one of Dallas' most celebrated runway affairs. After taking a one-year hiatus, Pin was back at the Fairmont Hotel's Regency Ballroom. Here are some selections from the fashion--all photos by Jay Barker....
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  • Night Moves: The Right Moves
    Ghostbar's bi-monthly "Formula 33" party kicked off its shoes for the dancefloor to show a bit of the right dance moves. Photographer Roderick Pullum was in the mix.
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