Scenes from Index Festival, Day One

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Mike Brooks

Outside Trees for Grimes

Spune Productions is testing its fest powers in the heart of Deep Ellum with this weekend's first-ever Index Festival. The roster features a handful of locals (Yells At Eels, The Cush, Datahowler, The Angelus, Telegraph Canyon, A.Dd+, Low Dark Hills, Bethan, Blackstone Rangers, Air Review, DJ Sober) rubbing shoulders with bigger names like GZA, Washed Out and Grimes.

Photographer Mike Brooks was on hand for Day One. See also: Six Acts We're Excited For At This Weekend's Index Festival

Published on October 6, 2012

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Oi wheres my pic also? I'm the sick mate in the striped blue v neck


hey guys what happen to my pic? im the hooded capev stripe  guy :p

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