Social Science: Scenes from Adult Nights at the Perot Museum

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It's a dream come true for the young and drunk at heart: the Perot Museum announced a new program called Social Science. It's a series of late-night parties geared for adults, with cash bars. This party's topic was "Ingenuity," which included: a lesson on how to “Make Your Brain Smarter"; tunes from DJ Woodtronic and Ishi, and Pro Maker Christian Genco who composed synth-heavy music by eating breakfast foods on a homemade device.

Photos by Mike Brooks

Published on January 19, 2013

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The good time.

Here, in the

present, while

the sound of

a new day

appears in the

sky with a

delicate glimmer.

Francesco Sinibaldi


Who is the jerkoff in the headdress? You'd think a science museum would look down on things like that.

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