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Fresh of the release of their Human Centipede-inspired Centipede HZ, Animal Collective brought their vivid tour to the House of Blues in Dallas on September 27. Photographer Stephanie Embree was on hand to capture the fans.

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Published on September 28, 2012

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Ummmm.... Centipede Hz has NOTHING to do with, and most defnitely WAS NOT inspired by Human Centipede?! If anything, the album's name has a connection with the old school arcade game. Here is an excerpt from their interview with Fuse which discusses this very thing:


"I'm sure you've heard of the rather unsavory film Human Centipede. Were you aware of that connection in the public mind when naming the album Centipede Hz?

Brian (Geologist): My wife brought that up, actually. I’ve never even seen it. My wife didn’t think we had been inspired by it, because she knew I hadn’t seen it, but she was like, 'It’s just unfortunate that the centipede in culture right now is always associated with this really obscene thing.'

David (Avey Tare): I know the younger generation won’t think of the arcade thing, but when I hear "centipede" in my mind it makes me think of being in an arcade.


Did the old school Centipede video game have anything to do with the album's cover art?

David (Avey Tare): It had to do with the image on the side of the arcade game and the cover of the Atari game. The cover is a mixture of different weird watercolors I made, drawings my sister did, and then found sci-fi art."






ps: there is a less offensive error that should be corrected as well, "fresh of" should be "fresh off."