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The Surge The Surge

If you've stumbled on the nightly news or a daily paper of late, you've heard of the Surge: the wave of Central American children who are arriving, often alone, at… More >>

Dallas Fudges Numbers to Put HUD Money in Favored Pockets

From this rag and that bit of bone, a picture emerges of what Dallas has really been doing with hundreds of millions of dollars in federal housing money all these… More >>

Dark Side of the Boom Dark Side of the Boom

It was like landing on the moon. The thought ricocheted through Joleena Malugani's mind as she took in the vast, dusty expanse of the corner of West Texas claimed by… More >>

HUD's Free Money Poisons Dallas

Free Money Is Bad Dollars from HUD are the root of much evil at City Hall. Most of the comments that people offer on blog items on our web page are interesting.… More >>