Kathy Tran
Junction's bao specials are always one of our favorite ways to start a meal.

With This New Late-Night Bao Stand, Deep Ellum Finally Gets the Street Food It Deserves

There is a dearth of real street food in the one Dallas neighborhood where it would do best: Deep Ellum. Sure, you can get a burger after midnight and a bowl of ramen around 3 a.m., but in the neighborhood with some of the city's heaviest foot traffic, it's surprising how few street food vendors populate the busy sidewalks.

One of Deep Ellum's best restaurants is looking to change that. Starting this weekend, Junction is rolling out Bun Stop, a new late-night bao cart that will serve these beautifully fluffy buns from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. every Friday and Saturday night. It'll be serve other street-friendly snack food, too, and the cart will be in front of Junction's restaurant at Elm Street and Malcolm X Boulevard.

On our next Deep Ellum drink-athon, we'll be the first in line for chef Josh Harmon's street snacks.

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