10 Awesome Things To Do in Dallas This Weekend: August 22 to 25

Usually Dallas contracts a case of the sleepies before Labor Day weekend, but not this year. No way. Unh uh.

We've got Flight of the Conchords, Dave Chappelle, Hannibal Buress and more rolling in for Sunday's Oddball Comedy Fest. The Observer makes you remember why you grew up at Brew Fest, Saturday's sampling party for folks who love beer (that's you!). And Book of Mormon spreads its twisted gospel for the next two weekends. (It's even holding a cheap ticket lottery before each show.)

There's also art, film, boobies and plenty of other ways to enjoy this perfect weekend, so let's get to it.

Click the event titles for more information and share this list with your adventure squad. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one wearing 57 pretzel necklaces at Brew Fest.)

Thursday 8.22 Book of Mormon -- The year's hottest ticket has arrived! Written by the Avenue Q/South Park team, seats at the Broadway production are still ungettable. Here in Dallas it hasn't fully sold out, so you can find last minute spots at select shows. Also, they're offering a cheap ticket lottery before each curtain. Details on that here.

Nerdlesque Strikes Back -- Watch your fanboy fantasies unfold as PacWomen, stormtroopers, Hogwarts honor roll students and more strip down to their 8-bits, just for you.

Saturday Morning Massacre -- Texas Theatre shows this Evil Dead-meets-Scooby-Doo horrorspoof for one-night only. Watch those meddling kids get theirs as they spend a night investigating a house dipped in paranormal activity.

Friday 8.23 Lollie Bombs Breast Cancer Awareness Burlesque Show -- The best way to remind the world that boobies are wonderful and need protecting is to shake them in the faces of all you meet. Or that's the gist of the Lollie Bombs method, performed at their annual ode to titty cancer research. Ladies, we salute you!

Ain't Them Bodies Saints -- Steinbeck said Montana's what a boy would think Texas was like from hearing Texans. David Lowery's new western love story redirects that thought, showing a Lone Star state that lives up to its fables. It features a romance lit for a slow burn; a botched robbery; a child; and a prison break, all in the vacant dustbowl of mid-'70s Meridian, TX.

Saturday 8.24 2013 Conspiracy Roller Derby Bouts -- The Assassination City gals are ready to body check their competition back across state lines. Watch 'em take on Oklahoma in a flat-track battle at Dad's on Saturday.

Brew Fest -- It's one of the Observer's favorite ragers, probably because Brew Fest is what Young You wished for Grown Up You. Explore roads filled with tents, which are filled with beers, which are filled with l-o-v-e. And everywhere you turn, your friends are there, happily clinking samples together. Yes, this is living. Let's all high five on Saturday.

Everything is S**T, at Public Trust -- He's the mind behind Good Records' freakiest poster art; the paintbrush behind Rubber Gloves' newest mural; the publisher of drugged-out comics; designer of collectable KERA pledge-drive T-shirts; and on Saturday night Nevada Hill will release a limited edition line of silicon shit sculptures. Yep, it's all true. He'll also have work from the stacks lining the gallery's walls, so check it all out at this one-night-only solo show.

This Is What I Think -- The year's most opinionated art show opens Saturday night at the Bath House and it's got a helluva line up. Favorites Willie Baronet, Penelope Bisbee, Bernard Bortnick, Michael Francis, Anthony Freda, Randall Garrett, Jordan Grimes, Janis Hefley, Anita Horton, Letitia Huckaby, John P. Irizarry, Norman Kary, Tim Kerr, Mary McCleary, J. Michael McKenzie, Jeff Parrott, Judith Williams and Chase Yarbrough will all express deeply harbored opinions through their art -- or at least that's the plan, anyway.

Sunday 8.25 Oddball Comedy Festival -- This is the biggest comedy festival to ever come through Dallas, but really it's one of the biggest comedy festivals to ever come through anywhere. Your headliners Flight of the Conchords and Dave Chappelle get support from: Jim Jefferies, Jeff Ross, Al Madrigal, Brody Steven, Hannibal Buress, Chris D'Elia, Demetri Martin, John Mulaney and Kristen Schaal. NO BIG DEAL. (Read: Very big deal.) There's still tickets available, so jump to it.

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