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10 Best Theater Companies in Dallas

I should open this blog post with a caveat. These are the 10 best theater companies in town that aren't the Dallas Theater Center. The budget of the Dallas Theater Center sweeps it out of the competition. It's our local member of the League of Resident Theaters (LORT), which implies, among other things, DTC has a bigger budget and it works with more Actors' Equity Association members (the professional union). Oh yeah, and it's the arts district theater company. We salute you, DTC, but this is a different kind of list. It's a list about the artists who are getting down and dirty to make their craft, running one-person development departments, writing their own scripts and building their own sets.

If you find it difficult to believe that we could come up with 10, it might surprise you to learn that there are a few theater companies who didn't make the list. And we didn't even venture to Fort Worth, where we are big fans of Amphibian Stage Productions, Circle Theatre, Stage West, and the annual Trinity Shakespeare Festival. Let there be no mistake about it, there's a lot of theater in this city.

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Lauren Smart
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