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10 Excellent Vintage Shops to Explore in Dallas

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These days, buying new stuff just isn’t cool anymore. No one cares about your expensive Italian leather couch from a swanky furniture store, but a rare designer divan (that’s fancy talk for sofa) from the 1950s is a conversation piece. More important, that old-ass couch says that you’re a cool-ass person who cares deeply about your aesthetic.

Vintage, though, is now a crowded market. Everyone and their grandmother (literally) are hawking their wares as vintage chic, which means tons of ugly old couches and ill-fitting blouses dominate the selection at many secondhand stores. It’s important to find a well-curated vintage shop, run by a person significantly cooler than yourself.

Fortunately, that’s pretty easy in Dallas. This city is full of money and good taste, which means that there’s plenty of old goodness just waiting to be discovered. These 10 vintage and thrift stores are where you’ll have the most luck.

Clothes Circuit
Anyone who knows anything about secondhand clothing knows that Clothes Circuit in Preston Center is a must in the vintage shop rotation. Many of the finds here will be relatively recent – a Tahari jacket from a few seasons ago or one of those ubiquitous Herve Leger bandage dresses – but plenty of vintage finds await. Rare handbags, vintage designer wear, and other old-school goodies can be found on the regular.

Lula B’s
This Deep Ellum failsafe is the perfect place to outfit your first apartment with furnishings and decor, assuming you’ve got mid-century sensibilities and a knack for scoping out hidden treasures. This is the kind of place where you should immediately Google a piece you’ve found – it might be collectible and worth way more than the pennies you’re about to pay.

Dolly Python
Dolly Python has long been known as one of Dallas’ (if not Texas’) finest vintage stores, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. In addition to the selection of oddities and housewares, you’ll find enough vintage clothing to make it look like you just got dropped out of a DeLorean from 1966. Or 1956. Whatever your decade of choice happens to be.

Patina Green Home & Market
McKinney’s Patina Green is technically a “home interiors market,” but good luck finding anything here that’s younger than you are. Owner and designer Kaci Lyford has a ridiculously good eye for old rustic finds, and you’ll find one-of-a-kind pieces here to make your basic-ass Pinterest loving friends envy you forever. You’ve never seen a rusty shovel made to look so chic.

DFW Vintage Toys
All those Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and Stretch Armstrong toys that your mom threw out ended up here, which is certainly a better ending than Toy Story. Whether your nerdy nostalgic interests are old-school G.I. Joe figurines or My Little Pony, this Toys-R-Us for nerds is the perfect place to score.

Second Kiss Vintage
The minds behind this funky Henderson Avenue vintage shop are infinitely better at scoring excellent vintage finds than just about anyone else on the planet, which is why you can totally avoid wading through piles of thrift store mediocrity and just come to Second Kiss for solid gold vintage apparel and accessories.

Again & Again
What’s old is new at Again & Again, and it’s probably more gorgeous than it ever was before. These top-notch furniture restorers are incredible at finding mid-century furniture and making it look like brand new designer goods. The prices are also remarkably reasonable for the quality that is on offer, but don’t go here expecting bargain bin deals.

Dot’s Closet
This East Dallas charity shop is sort of like what would happen if the entire world’s population of grandmothers gathered their goods into one relatively small space. Pick through the knick-knacks, grab vintage plates, and revel a bit in the fact that your purchases will benefit the terminally ill.

This expertly curated Deep Ellum vintage boutique is full of designer finds from Oscar de la Renta, Ferragamo, Burberry and countless others – no boxy, mass-market crap here. Keep tabs on Elluments’ Facebook page, where they frequently post outfits of the day that could soon find their way into your closet.
Vintage Martini
True appreciators of vintage fashion already know about Vintage Martini. The Henderson Ave shop is chock-full of pieces from all decades, everything from “1920s graveyard fashion” (for real) to 1960s mod to mid-2000s couture. You can spend as little or as much as you like here, but either way, you’ll end up with killer pieces that you can guarantee are legit.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.