10 Good Things That Came Out of Icepocalypse '13

Don't let the haters get you down, Cleon. Some of us loved you, baby. Here's why:

1. Price is Right One whole hour of the Cliffhanger, PLINKO and debating who's creepier -- thin Drew Carey or everyday Lara Flynn Boyle.

2. Wearing Coats Remember those?

3. Watching Others Bite It Screw baseball, this is really America's pastime. Bonus points for tears.

4. Ice Scrapers You lug the damn thing around in your car all year and finally, finally you got to use it. Yeah, lug. It takes up what, like 6 cubic inches?

5. Cabin Fever Dance Party Fire up the Jawbone and let's do this fucking thing. Who can resist pretend back-up dancing for B. Spears?

6. Being Productive Just kidding. That's for suckers.

7. "I'm iced in." Getting out of every single undesirable invite. Think of the hundreds who were saved from weddings.

8. Peeing Your Name in Ice Don't act like it's not a lifelong dream ... ladies.

9. Selfies Being holed up is the perfect time to work on this bullshit: The 25 Worst Cases of Duckface.

10. Snuggies and Adult Onesies You live in Dallas. Icepocolypse was the one and only time you don't look like a knob for owning either of these.

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