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10 Places in Dallas to Take a Great Instagram Shot

Wanna look cool? Wanna impress your Internet friends? Wanna be social media famous? These are all silly, rhetorical questions because we know the answer: You do. Instagram is important. We know that because we will do anything to make sure we have the perfect shot. Climb on top of a building to get the perfect angle? OK. Make our friends redo that bungee jump to capture the moment forever? Yes. Take 100 pictures before finally deciding on a selfie that doesn't highlight your double chin? Duh. (Make it 101, tubby.) We here at the Dallas Observer want to help you take your Instagram obsession to the next level and show off Dallas in the process. Here are the 10 coolest places in Dallas to take an award-winning Instagram shot. Or, you know, at least one that will garner 11 likes.

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1. Mutts Canine Cantina
Dogs! Puppies! A baby BIG sign to put your dog in the middle of and take a picture! Like, does it get any more Instagram-friendly than this place? Take your dog there and let them play around with the other doggies and snap pictures along the way. (You snap the pictures, we mean, not your dog. No opposable thumbs is a bitch.) Fill your entire Instagram feed with doggie pics.

2. Geo-Deck at Reunion Tower
Put aside your fear of heights for one second because the Geo-Deck at the top of Reunion Tower is worth it. While you are hundreds of feet in the air, you have a chance to look down and see all of Dallas. It makes a great Instagram shot and the best part is, they take the photo for you. It’s like Disney World! But Dallas! And no Mickey. Though, come to think of it, there is plenty Mickey Mouse stuff.

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3. Traveling Man
There are three Traveling Man sculptures near DART’s Deep Ellum station, so pick one. Take your engagement photos there — you know, the picture where you’re looking longingly into your lover’s eyes while a Traveling Man statue is behind you, definitely not portending anything about your future relationship. Seriously, what are the odds that love like yours won't last? (About 1-in-2, but never say die.) Perfect photo opportunity for Instagram, anyhow, and if things do go south, you can always just delete it. Removing things from the Internet is a snap, right?

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4. White Rock Lake
Next time you wake up at the crackass of dawn to go “running” or “jogging” or “exercising” or some other horrible activity at White Rock Lake, take your phone out to snap a great photo. White Rock Lake is gorgeous year-round, but there’s something special about the fall landscape. You can always crop out the homeless guy taking his morning bath.

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5. Truck Yard
Everything about the Truck Yard bar is so hipster and edgy and will convince all your Internet friends that you eat out of food trucks regularly. Take a picture somewhere in the bar to make yourself look cool. Pro tip: There’s also a "Before I Die" chalkboard outside of Truck Yard that will make you seem #inspirational and less cynical if you Instagram it. You’re welcome.

6. Klyde Warren Park
It very well could be the most pretentious place in Dallas, but hell, it makes some great photographs. Dog park? Photo. Sitting in the restaurant eating with your pretentious friends? Picture. Playing ping-pong? Snap, ping and pong, or whatever. Don’t let us down, Dallas.

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7. Soda Bar at the Nylo Hotel
On the roof of the Nylo Dallas South Side Hotel is a trendy and chic bar where trendy and chic people hang out. There are trendy food and drinks and a trendy swimming pool all for you while you overlook a stunning view of trendy downtown Dallas. Grab your glass of Champagne and take an Instagram shot with your trendy friends.

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8. The Eye at Joule Dallas
It’s a little creepy, but you’ll get over it. In the Joule Dallas’ garden sits a giant eyeball. Is it art? Oh, who the hell knows. IT'S A GIANT EYEBALL, PEOPLE. Whaddya need, the Instagram God to come down from the cloud (heh) and clunk you over the head with his iPhone Infinity? Grab a friend and take a picture. Do a yoga pose. Take a selfie of your eyeball in front of the giant eyeball. Do something, for god's sake.

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9. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
It’s easily one of the most beautiful sites in Dallas. Whether you are driving on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge or hanging out in Trinity Groves near it, it seems to always be a breathtaking view. And at night, when it lights up, it’s extra spectacular. Take a ton of snaps and email them to Jim Schutze with lots of heart emojis. He'll appreciate that.

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10. Anvil Pub
Anvil Pub might be your typical Deep Ellum spot on Friday and Saturday nights, but Sunday morning everything changes. Everything. Hold on to your britches because Anvil has a Bloody Mary that is so delicious and Instagram-worthy. This Bloody Mary has a slider in it, Brussels sprouts, a pickle and a million more things, one of which, we assume, is vodka. Take a selfie with it. Take 10. Then drink/eat it. But not 10. Six is our limit. Maybe seven. Rarely eight.

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