11 Awesome Things To Do This Week: April 5 to April 10

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It's happened again. You've spent so many hours under that fluorescent office lighting, staring at your computer screen, that your cheekbones look sunken and your skin turned all mealy. Quick, snap a Slim Jim under your nose and pour an energy drink in your coffee because honey, we're going out. Share this party list with your friends, and click on the event titles for more information.

Thursday Casablanca at the Dallas Symphony One of the greatest movies ever crafted deserves a full symphony accompaniment, don't you think? The DSO will screen a retouched copy of the film with the soundtrack removed above stage, while below they play Max Steiner's score, live. It will be a lovely three-day run. We interviewed the conductor about it. Read that story here. Think Creatively Workshop Consider this: You always expect to meet someone at the gym and then you do, but they have a brain made of macaroni. It will never work. Imagine meeting someone at a workshop entirely tuned in to exploring and enhancing your creativity through viewing and creating art. Yep, much better. It's free at 6:30 tonight at the Dallas Museum of Art, but you must RSVP abatson@dallasmuseumofart.org and pay admission.

Friday Alice in Burlesque One pill makes you shrink, another makes you grow, but these gals also found a pill that makes 'em downright sexy! Will there be Jabberwoccky tassel swishing? You'll have to go to Lakewood Theater to find out.

Deep Ellum Arts Festival Before there was the Dallas Art Fair, there was this visual cornerstone for the masses. There are no VIP laminate champagne galas and $750 party passes, and when you want a break from looking at art you can pop into your favorite bar and order well liquor without those around you dry-heaving in disgust. Click the header for more information.

Mike Epps You loved him in the Friday movies, he was the sexy comic relief in Jumping the Broom and now he returns to Dallas with his stand-up show, Mike Epps and Friends Comedy Tour. Drool and laugh simultaneously during this three-day run.

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Daniel Tosh Equal parts snarktard and hottie, Daniel Tosh has managed to cash in on the nerd rebellion movement and make his show, Tosh.O one of the most popular programs on Comedy Central. Before he showed disastrous web clips for a living, he was a stand-up comedian, and tonight you'll see him crack jokes without the aid of crotch shots for about an hour.

Go West Fest A pack of go-getters across the bridge went and planned a giant party. Ten bands, and an equal amount of visual artists including painters, photographers and performance gals round out the bill. Best of all, local lord of pinhole imagery, Frank Lopez will be showing work!

The Oyster Princess Screened with Live Band Texas Theater keeps bringing innovative ideas to our area and its most recent foray into presentations of silent films backed by live bands is another example of that. On Saturday night you'll see the classic, but wacky, flick The Oyster Princess as Bee Vs. Moth (Austin) plays an original score. It's gonna be major.


Cedar Springs Pooch Parade This annual celebration of dogs dressed all silly is better than the Puppy Bowl. Go and recharge your happy-ometer.

Mad Men at the Angelika The only thing better than watching Mad Men at home with your friends is viewing it at the movie theater where it's blown up even bigger and sexier. Also, there will be cocktail specials and giveaways from the vintage trailer. It's FREE, just get there early to secure your seats. Tuesday Christopher Moore If you love funny fiction then you've probably delved into a bit of Christopher Moore by now. He wrote Lamb, a book from the point of view of Jesus' black sheep best friend and now he's doing a book about Vincent Van Gogh. He speaks Tuesday as part of the Arts and Letters series, so grab a ticket.

Fashion's Living Canvas Runway Show The concept of this runway show dabbles in the absurd, and we like that. Instead of actually wearing the designer's pieces down the catwalk, each model will have the look painted on them. I know, you're brain just exploded. Mine too.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.