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11 Awesome Things To Do This Week: March 29 to April 3

Take a sit, dear -- you work too hard, and I worry. Wouldn't you feel more relaxed if you met a sexy Italian on a Vespa, went to a comedy festival or got inappropriately sloshed on complimentary wine during this weekend's gallery openings? Of course you would. (*Pats hand*) You're only human. Share this list with your overworked, under-drunk friends and go play. Click the headers for more details.

Thursday 3/29 What to Wear at Mockingbird Station Part runway show, part excuse to gawk at clothes while drinking and snacking -- the theme for What To Wear is beach vacation. Prizes will be awarded for "most creative" and "most chic," so if you're goal is collecting freebies I'd aim a little more Hamptons and a little less Jersey Shore.

Go Watch Something Hilarious Omigod there's no shortage of things to fill the comedy void tonight. Sebastion Maniscalco headlines at the Arlington Improv while Sinbad (yep, still alive) takes over the Eisemann Center. Rather support local laughter? Dallas Comedy House has farm-raised goodness all week long with Dallas Comedy Fest, a six-day mash up of sketch, improv and stand-up artists from the D/FW to Chicago and L.A.. Your guts will hurt more than that time you Grouponed Cross-Fit.

Friday 3.30

Better Than Something, A Film About Jay Reatard Whether performing solo, with The Lost Sounds or his earliest, snottiest project, The Reatards, Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. brought a certain lovably destructive energy. Many were stunned when Jimmy Lee passed away but his throne in Memphis' garage rock hierarchy will never be retired. This new documentary playing at Texas Theatre, gives a look at the introspective side of our favorite modern-day misfit.

Rockers Vs. Mods The great thing about this Italian scooter rally is that you don't have to decide whether or not to wear skinny jeans, since it seems to be a common thread between modern rockers and mods. Other great thing? Lots of hotties on cute scooters -- hey, don't you need a lift?

Savor Dallas Hey Dallas, we're coming to devour you! This two-day tribute to gluttony has everything you need to feel fancy: cheese plates, wine sipping and discussions with experts.

Saturday 4.31

Tons Of Art Parties On Dragon Street Every once in a very rare while, we have the Perfect Night of Art Openings. This Saturday is just that. Nearly every gallery on Dragon Street is offering up something spectacular -- and I don't just mean the free wine (Which is TOTALLY also happening!). Here's a list of five, must-see shows in timeline order. Wait, it gets better! All are walkable.

Festival De Los Mavs Rub elbows and have pictures taken with Dallas Mavericks (and their dancers) on Saturday beginning at noon. There will be a rock wall, a bounce house and bands to entertain you.

Hug it Forward Fundraiser A group called Hug it Forward has started building schools in Guatamala out of old plastic bottles. In two years the organization has constructed 18 of these institutions and is constantly striving to do more. Local UNT artists have united to make a fundraiser called Art Works, being held tonight at Green Elephant from 6 to 10 p.m.. You can buy art -- either in the silent auction or flat-out -- and your purchase will go directly to help Hug it Forward's mission.

The Turn of the Screw This one is going to be killer. The cast for this production of the twisted Henry James classic is seasoned with some of Dallas' finest -- all with reputations for making plays off-kilter. Add that into a story that's already got a twisted literary twin growing out of its neck and well, things are going to get interesting.

Sunday 4.1 Nick Cave's Sound Suits at the Nasher No, Grinderman isn't in town. This Nick Cave is a performance and sculpture artist and he's just wrapped up an artist-in-residency program at UNT where he designed a series of wearable "Sound Suits." These costumes are composed of everything from dryer lint to horse hair and they make their own, unique noises when worn. Check them out on Sunday when the suits perform at the Nasher. It's free with museum admission.

Tuesday 4.3 The Music of Abba What more do you need?! It's ABBA! (Well, kinda.)

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