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11 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend: April 19 to 22

Y-chromosomes, y'all better duck and cover! Tonight's estrogen wave crashes into D/FW as Carol Burnett, Amy Sedaris and Judy Blume post up around town. (Froyo stands across the metroplex will be abandoned.) And that's only the beginning! This weekend is jammed up with fun: There's an Evil Dead, The Musical marathon; a race where folks jump through fire and scamper under barbed wire; and an art opening at Webb Gallery, everyone's favorite mecca of the eccentric. Find stuff you want to do, share this list with your posse and click the event titles for more information.

Thursday Amy Sedaris -- This gal embodies all things quirky, wonderful and, unfortunately, sold-out. That doesn't prevent you from plan B: wandering around outside of the Kessler clutching your homemade hair doll and a long-shot hope at Sedaris friendship. Her bro is in town on Sunday, do you think they'll spend the weekend shopping for taxidermy in Dallas?

Carol Burnett -- (It took every last bit of restraint not to put 15 exclamation points after her name.) From her work on Broadway, Tinsel Town and her 11-year, self-titled variety show, Carol Burnett has remained a leader in comedic acting as well as a role model. Tonight she'll host an evening of conversation at the Bass Performance Hall, and we'll be waiting fixated with giant, glossy eyes, like a cat that hears a can of tuna being opened.

Judy Blume -- It's your favorite cool literary aunt! Blume basically raised you by utilizing chapter books as a means of doling out the dirt. Getting bullied? Read Blubber. Feeling overshadowed? Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Experiencing ... changes? Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret had the answers. Catch her tonight and thank her in person.

Friday Evil Dead, The Musical (a marathon) -- What? Yes! This is really happening. An acting troupe in Grapevine has decided to merge all three Evil Dead films (what up, boom stick?), set it to music, add a "splatter zone" (think Gallagher meets Sam Raimi) and perform it on a loop until the entire cast passes out from exhaustion. Rad.

The Magic Flute -- This is one strange opera. Loaded up with Masonic references, peculiar feats of dark magic and a woodland quest, Mozart didn't write this one so that you would weep the heat-touching tears of a romantic. Instead it's become one of those so-strange-you-gotta-see-it kind of operas. Saturday DADA Art Walk -- Can you even believe how beautiful it is outside?! We don't get many more of these. Soon, only the grackles will be out in daylight. Embrace spring with DADA's gallery walk and art market. Oodles of art spaces are keeping extended hours so that you can stroll and explore Dallas' more aesthetic offerings.

Warrior Dash -- Gosh, overachievers! Isn't running a marathon enough? No, no it isn't. This obstacle-rich dash lures participants through barbed wire, fire pits and lots of general muck. Think of it as boot camp in hell, but with a registration fee.

White Rock Home Tour -- Architecture voyeurs, unite! This five-home tour focuses on mid-century modern design in the White Rock area, and it's a real panty dropper. Dallas Flea -- This ain't your momma's crusty old flea market (I'm sorry, Mom! I'll call soon, I promise.) Instead, the Dallas Flea fashions up one extravagant sale on vintage, retro, and shabby chic varieties of stuff, stuff, stuff. Pop over there this weekend to mine for treasures galore.


Opening at Webb Gallery -- Webb Gallery openings are not-to-be-missed affairs, ones that carry a special gravity strong enough to pull outsider art lovers from Austin, Denton, Dallas and Fort Worth into its belly. Sunday's offering by Georganne Deen, "Songs of Myself," is billed as exploring "the depths and heights of consciousness, where we've gone wrong, what's holding up progress and the occasional glimpse of paradise." Yes please.

David Sedaris -- Quick, what's the difference between a "comedian" and a "humorist"? Answer: An NPR tote bag. (Zing!) Sedaris, everyone's favorite humorist, author, elf, collector of taxidermy, French-speaking, Judge Judy-watching, giant poop-flushing fella is in town on Sunday night. Tickets are gone, but surely there are some literary scalpers slinging the things.

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