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11 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend: April 26 to 29

Have y'all noticed that something spectacular is happening? Dallas' luxury swimming pools have opened and it still feels like spring outside -- it's like seeing a double rainbow during an eclipse. The universe doesn't hold these seasonal portals open for long, so take advantage of this temperate weather and go do stuff. There's fashion shows, crawfish boils, comic book art and a Transformers convention: pick your poison and squeeze a lime in it. Now share this party list with your crew and plan your weekend. (Hint: click the event titles for more information.)

Thursday 4.26 Celebrity Fashion Experience Volume 4 -- (Admittedly, I missed volumes 1 through 3 of this runway show, but I'm pretty sure that I'll manage to follow the story line.) Five up-and-coming designers (including Project Runway Season 9's Laura Kathleen) will flaunt their goods on the catwalk this evening and money raised goes to Autism Speaks. There's also a make-up bar and snacks.

Friday 4.27 "Wooly Bully" @ Texas Theatre -- If you love comic books and outsider art, this is where you've got to be on Friday. See, Clay Stinnett was brought up studying religious tracts before moving on to influences like R. Crumb and Gary Panter, but they all get squished together in his new show, "Wooly Bully." Each painting is over-sized, reaching 7 feet tall by 5 feet wide, because that's as large as Stinnett could paint them and "still fit 'em through the door."

USA Film Festival -- I know, I know, you're a bit fested-out after DIFF. but on the bright side very little budgeting has to go into attending this film fest. Some screenings are free, others are available ala carte, so you won't be dropping Benjamins to catch a little Reiner. Silence of the Clams -- Alright, admittedly, this is a wild card selection. Based on the movie Silence of the Lambs, this perv-y production goes down in the Rose Room (insert "goes down in the Rose Room joke, here"). All we will divulge is that Beaver Bob is a serial killer who skins his victims... "down there." It's 21 and up on account of all the vagina talk.

Ben Folds plays with the Fort Worth Symphony -- Yeah, it's a drive, but what if he does his cover of Dr. Dre's "Bitches Ain't Shit" alongside the symphony? You don't want to miss that.

Saturday 4.28 PBR for PUPS -- Drink Pabst. Eat crawfish. Shake your moneymaker. Have a blast. Your cover goes to Animal Rescue of Texas so they can keep saving our city's potential fur children.

Botcon -- This Transformers convention is going to be killer. There's a diorama competition, workshops with "insiders", and loads of the Hasbro collectables. This also runs on Sunday, so check it out, nerds.

Dallas Cycle Style -- Have a tough time figuring out bike fashion? Yup, me too. That dress always gets whipped up, leaving the minivan in my wake basking in a moon's glow. This fashion show is a look at bicycle-friendly ensembles and the proceeds from the door (tickets are only $10) go to Peddle Power, which helps get bikes in the hands of those who need transportation.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival -- Ever make a palm reader cry? I did, at this festival. He actually pawned me off on another oracle because he couldn't tell me what he saw. I've spent the last decade waiting for something terrible to happen. If you go and see that guy (he'll be the one dressed all Old Time-y), would you punch him for me?

Sunday 4.29 The Junior League's 3rd Annual Rummage Sale -- You don't care if that Gucci bag is from three seasons ago -- it looks great on you! Clothes, electronics, furniture, etc will all be available for haggling at this sale. This will be better than trolling Turtle Creek on bulk trash day.

Oyster Fest -- It's an oyster eating competition, folks. Channel your inner Crazy Legs Conti, relax your throat and try for a shot at fame via mollusk-gulping.

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