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11 Holiday Films That Haven't Been Totally Ruined by the Holidays

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3.) Elf This movie hits that magical muppet point of humor that few others achieve. A perfect blend of hysterically funny and incredibly wholesome, Elf plays hard on both Will Farrel's physical stature and his natural lean toward innocence. Plus, we get Bob Newhart as Farrel's elf dad, which is the greatest thing to happen to Christmas since eggnog.

2.) Christmas Vacation (National Lampoon)

From the wrapped-up cat to the cousins parked outside, this movie holds true as one of the best in the National Lampoon franchise. (Suck it, Vegas Vacation.) It's an annual must-watch, mostly because Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid are amazing together, but also thanks to its amazing quotability.

1.) Die Hard My car was broken into a couple weeks ago, and while Die Hards 2 and 3 were left untouched, thieves stole the original. I can't blame them. The sequels border on unwatchable, but that first Die Hard, well damn. It's still one of the best action films and holiday movies ever made. It's an East Coast meets West Coast mash-up, a terrorist shake-down and yeah, a love story. Bring it, Bruce.

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