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12 Awesome Things to Do This Weekend: June 28 to July 1

How I feel when I realize it's the weekend.

Alright! Reach tall and stretch high, you guys! It's the weekend and we've got, quite frankly, a shitton to do. Have you heard about the live-action retelling of Jurassic Park over at Texas Theatre yet? No worries, it's in this list (see Sunday). So are: slutty puppets, male strippers, psychedelic dance parties and a couple of great art shows. Be a pal and share this party plan with your friends, and click the event titles for more details. Now, Double Dream Hands! It's the weekend!

Thursday 6.28 Thunder From Down Under -- For the uninitiated, Thunder is not your standard male strip show. It's a Vegas-based hunkathon featuring a pack of high-kicking, bump 'n' grinding, pectoral pulsating Adonises. Also, they take their clothes off. It's at House of Blues for one-night-only.

Resource Center Dallas' Pride Power Hour -- Laze and gaze around the W's 16th story Wet Deck (aka: fancy pool) with bevies and appetizers. A $20 donation to the organization gets you three cocktail tickets, snackateasers, permission to dance to the DJ, and eye candy -- there will be models trussed up in Billabong gear.

WAAS Gallery Opening -- Alberto Mena would never be described as a "typical" photographer. You wouldn't ask him to work your wedding, that's for sure. His art is part Hitchcock, part feats of science -- together, it's all spectacular. His new show Dream With Me opens tonight at WAAS, a gallery that (just between you and me) throws great parties.

Brad LaCour at Dallas Comedy House -- This five-year veteran of the Dallas comedy scene gets a little raw -- sex with the mentally disabled, raw. So bring mom!

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