13 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend: April 25 to 28

So ... this will be happening in a Waxahachie art gallery on Sunday.

But wait, there's more!!! An adorable Denton couple will open their home for an experimental theater festival, two big-name comedians grab the Majestic's stage, there's a course in kink at the Bondage Expo and a celebration of spook -- with a hearse parade -- at HauntCon. How can anyone be bored? In the span of four days Dallas can tie you up, make you laugh, fill your eyes and ears with off-kilter art and music and then scare the shit out of you.

Play nice and share this list with your gang, then click on the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one Teen Wolf surfing on the hearse parade.)

Thursday 4.25 Not Waiting for Permission - One thing Dallas' art circles do extremely well is talk about Dallas' art circles. We gotta. Otherwise we wind up with an unmowed art yard, so to speak. Tonight's "Not Waiting for Permission" focuses on how, and in what direction, we should grow this thing.

Bill Burr - He leaves his Breaking Bad persona at home to pop by the Majestic for a stand-up set.

Friday 4.26

Burlesque Hall of Fame - Rising to the top of the burlesque world takes guts. And if you hold those guts in your heaving bosom, all the better. See who's, in fact, owning it during this seductive night at the Kessler. Lisa Lampanelli - She's bold. She's brassy. She'll roast you faster than a 3-year-old joint dipped in acetone. What can I say? The lady likes it raw. Bondage Expo - Speaking of raw, this weekend marks Dallas' first ever Bondage Expo, and attending isn't cheap. (That's probably to reduce the lookie-loo, frat-boy element.) Still, if you've ever been curious about kink, mummification or how to achieve the perfect hogtie, this is where you should be.

Fly by Night - Just a short drive away from the bondage expo is Fly by Night, the charming and highly anticipated new musical about romance during a blackout. It's Tiger be Still playwright Kim Rosenstock's new one, and it takes over the Kalita Humphreys for the next few weeks. Saturday 4.27

Hauntcon - There's an expo/festival for haunted house enthusiasts and it's in Dallas all weekend -- which, let's face it, is rad. You can see the latest in haunting technologies, attend the costume ball, go on haunted house tours (all of your favorite local spots are opening up for select nights) or check out Sunday's hearse parade.

Shadows and Ether - We love Frank Lopez and his passion for ambrotype and tintype photography. We like him so much we named him an Observer Mastermind in 2011. On Saturday he's curating a group show where he lets other Dallas artists show off what they can do with the ol' wet-plate method. Check it out, it's at the Bath House.

Nick Hennies - This experimental musician and composer is swinging by CentralTrak on Saturday to recreate work by John Cage and others using only a snare drum.

Slow Art Day - Guys, this is real. There's a movement, albeit a sluggish one, to make people look at art ... slower. Hence, Slow Art Day. Here you stare at five paintings for 10 minutes each, then you eat lunch and talk about them. Talk fast: You've got to make up for that lost time somehow.

Sunday 4.28

Show at Webb Gallery - Those Waxahachie scamps know how to throw an art party, and they'll prove it again this Sunday with Pack a Wallop, a group show featuring illustrator Mark Todd (he's married to Esther Pearl Watson!), the macabre paintings of Fred Stonehouse and new work by Thynon Sykes. Look out, there's also entertainment by the ever-lovable shake-it-up duo Quintron and Miss Pussycat.

Days of Heaven - Texas-Boy-Done-Good Terrence Malick has a new one out, which makes this the perfect moment to dip back a bit and take a gander at his past successes, says Texas Theatre. They're showing his award-winning ode to Panhandle love triangles all weekend long. Check it out.

Home Theater Festival - (Ignore the address linked to this one, it's a dud.) There's a neat thing happening in Denton and if you have good manners, you're invited to attend. It's an experimental evening of theater, art, performance and music held in a couple's home. There's a note on the window of the Cracker Barrel off Coronado, or you can email Lily for directions.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.