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13 Awesome Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend, October 11 to 14

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Drastically Appropriate Fashion Show -- Dallas stylist Jillian Prado believes that jaw-dropping looks are attainable for every occasion and every individual. Tonight she'll show you exactly how to do it during Drastically Appropriate, a four-year-strong runway show being held at Teddy's Room. Bucks raised go to the Fashionistas and Children's Medical.

Art in the Park, for the North Texas Food Bank -- If anyone deserves a round of applause it's the North Texas Food Bank, the organization that's been feeding Dallas for 30 years. That's a lot of meals. In honor of that tremendous anniversary, there's Art in the Park, an art party with live music by Emerald City. It's being hosted by Ambassador Kathryn Hall, Craig Hall, and Dallas Cowboy Great Preston Pearson.

CentralTrak Kicks Off Next Topic, Its New Speaker Series -- It's a brand new bi-weekly event happening over at our favorite art incubator, CentralTrak. Tonight you'll hear from UT Dallas Arts and Technology (ATEC) professors Frank Dufour and Thomas Riccio, who will be discussing their collaborative multi-media exhibition, Not So Indifferent, which you can check out while there. Pro Tip: Take the bus. Parking in that neighborhood will be rough-going this weekend.

Friday 10.12 Night of the Living Dead, The Play -- The thespians are coming for you, Barbara. Yep, it's a stage adaptation of the greatest zombie movie of all time. Let's just hope nobody goes "method."

The Boobie Tube at the Boiler Room -- It's burlesque, as told through television's most savory characters. It'll be a real antennae jiggler. Your eight dollar cover benefits local animal do-gooders, DFW Rescue Me, so you'll feel great about staring at Joanie Cunningham's cleavage.

Texas-OU Weekend Parties -- Holy bodyshots, you couldn't make it to all of these parties if you tried! Click this event's title to see our daily breakdown of the best weekend Shootout parties, and suppliment that with a hard copy of the Dallas Observer (Yes, that thing sitting between Apartment Finder and The Daily Nickle). We've included a special insert this week with a full list of TX-OU events. Monstrous Coupling -- This show looks great. Curated by Andy Amato, it pairs artists together -- or pits them against one another, depending on how they view the challenge. See artistic tag teams with Nick Barbee Vs. Michael Morris; Kristen Cochran Vs. Kevin Todora; Michael Blair Vs. Rebecca Carter; Morehshin Allahyari Vs. Richie Budd; Brian Fridge Vs. Jenny Vogel, and Cassandra Emswiler Vs. Brittany Ransom. It happens at UT of Dallas.

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