13 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend, October 3 to 6

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It's back. This Friday local video artists take control of the OMNI's programming for an evening of public art. You'll want to stake out a great spot early for this 8 p.m. show and make sure you have a radio synched up with KXT's live musical sidecar.

There's more. Lots more. We've got a professional wrestler doing stand-up on Thursday night, tons of nerdy celebrities in town for Comic Con Fan Days, a bicycle photography scavenger hunt and an Arts District Saturday that's jam-packed with extremely interesting, free stuff.

As always, share this list with your crew and click the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one hugging the OMNI.)

Thursday 10.3 Dallas Southern Pride - Still picking Pride Week glitter from your hair? Keep the party going this weekend with activities specifically targeting African American Pride. Events are divided into 'him for him' and 'her for her,' so you can cut straight to the chase.

Mick "The Hardcore Legend" Foley Does ... Stand-up? - Yes! Slamming bodies through tables isn't the only thing Mick Foley excels at -- or maybe it is, I haven't researched his material -- he also does stand-up comedy! He'll do a set tonight at the Arlington Improv, so go put your funny bone in a figure-four leglock.

12th Annual Chick Flicks Film Festival - This celebration of short films by female filmmakers across the Lone Star state happens tonight at the Angelika. There's a pre-show reception over at People's Last Stand so you can drink your attention span down from "full-length narrative" to "short film" size.

Friday 10.4 Expanded Cinema: MulipliCity - When local artists hijacked the OMNI hotel's light system last year, we saw what happens when a city celebrates art together in a grand way. Cars were abandoned along the roads. People moved in packs. Fields filled with onlookers and we held boomboxes up to the sky to blast KXT's musical component. It happens again on Friday at 8 p.m. sharp. So stake out your spot early and stay put until the show. Since this is the second year they've done it, the technical aspects have been troubleshot and the programs tightened. Expect great things.

Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days - First of all, Starbuck and Apollo are going to be there. Those two kept your eyeballs captivated all the way into the terrible Season Four of Battlestar Galactica, so don't pretend that you don't care. You know who else is going? Shelly Duvall (!!!), Ron Perlman and Peter Mayhew. (Pro tip: Let the Wookiee win.)

Nothing Fits! - Perched up inside the Texas Theatre is one of our area's newest small space galleries, The Safe Room. Slightly larger than a confessional and just as intimate, the exhibition space opens its newest -- a tagteam effort by Nina Harp and Erik Schuessler that has the room reinvented, with walls lined in painted cardboard. What'll they hang on 'em? Go Friday to find out. (Bonus: Texas Theatre is hosting the afterparty for Expanded Cinema, so you'll be there anyway.)

Saturday 10.5 Fall for the Arts - The anchor of this daylong festival is the grand opening party for the Crow's new sculpture garden, which -- like the rest of Saturday's activities -- is free to attend. There are also a street festival, dance performances by Dallas Black Dance Theater and Anita Martinez Ballet Folklorico, free admission at the Nasher and more.

Dane Cook -- Love him? Hate him? Don't know why you love him or hate him? He's at the Majestic, so go make peace with your emotions.

A Silent Movie Marathon with Live Piano Accompaniment -- I realize asking you to spend Saturday evening tucked away in a Garland theater is an unconventional suggestion, but it'll show some of the best short films by greats from the silent film era. See why Buster Keaton is the master of physical humor. Adore Charlie Chaplin with fresh eyes. And ramp up for high jinks by Laurel and Hardy. There'll be live, old-timey piano accompaniment and tickets are just $2.

FenCon -- It's the bastion for fans of literary science fiction, with an emphasis on science, literature and music. The field's heaviest hitters will be there, but there's also lighter topics approached, like a workshop titled "Look Who's 50! Rampant Speculation About Doctor Who."

Sunday 10.6 PhotoVelo -- These are the bicycle days, the ones where you cannot be kept indoors. Give in to two-wheel adoration on Sunday at PhotoVelo, a simply wonderful bicycle scavenger hunt around Dallas. You'll need a team of two or four, a camera and a little ingenuity to solve the required riddles. Also, there's drinking at Lee Harvey's, prizes and it's free to participate. So hike up those tall socks, phone a friend and check it out.

Bad Milo! -- This twisted slice of cinema stars Ken Marino (Party Down, The State, Wet Hot American Summer) as a man on the edge. The stress build-up manifests itself into something much more unsettling than a stomach ulcer: He's got a demon living in his GI tract. That little scamp crawls out to viciously fight Marino's work and family battles. It's a classic man-versus-self-versus-colon-monster tale, and it plays all weekend at the Texas Theatre.

Give More Than You Can Take, at the DMA -- The first survey exhibition of American installation artist Jim Hodges opens at the Dallas Museum of Art this Sunday. The New York-based Hodges has been working since 1987, and Give More Than You Can Take features 80 pieces from throughout his much-celebrated career.

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