14 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, January 10 to 13

Comic, playwright, one-man funny train set to full speed: Mike Birbiglia is in town on Saturday.

Dallas, you looked so precious as you slept through the holidays -- I couldn't bear to wake you. But it's clear that someone ripped the blankets off, because this weekend is like a toddler tantrum of unmissable events. You'll need to micromanage your champagne schedule to hit it all: there are great parties everywhere, comedy shows at unconventional venues, a million art openings, and -- as if that weren't enough -- someone deposited a pair of Kennedys and Charlie Rose at the Winspear. Nerd alert, indeed.

Remember to share this list with your adventure squadron and click the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one hand-feeding the Kennedys.)

Thursday 1.10 The New Show, at Kettle Art -- Kettle is all about inclusion and encouragement, so while every other gallery in town flosses its biggest and most recognized artists for 2013 opening weekend, Frank's space does the opposite. Swing by tonight from 7 to 10 p.m. to take a look at brand new (to Kettle, anyway) local talent.

David Huntsberger -- This comedian is a favorite opener of Patton Oswald and Nick Swardson; he's also the hand and mind behind a series of hilarious cartoons and illustrations. We get him for one, solitary night when David fills the tiny Deep Ellum joke den, the Dallas Comedy House. See him tonight or hate yourself forever.

Captain Phantasm and the Countdown to Doom! -- So, it's Thursday and you want to take a friend out for a fun night, but you don't trust them at a comedy club. You just have that feeling that they'll heckle or throw something -- dude, try out the new show at PocketSandwich! You're allowed to do those things in this spoofy melodrama -- I mean throwing popcorn is actually encouraged! Friday 1.11 Charlie Rose Interviews Rory Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. -- Put a Hollywood p.y.t. in front of me and I won't flinch, but toss me in a room with some Kennedys? Forget it: I go flat-out school girl. Now, add Charlie Rose to that room, like at Friday's Winspear Q&A, and I regress into a pre-teen, clutching a heart-shaped pillow and scribbling in a dream journal. Tickets aren't too expensive; they start at $25.

Neil Hamburger, Tim Heidecker and DJ Douggpound at Texas Theatre -- It's a roast-worthy night of anti-comedy as three of planet Earth's best and most eccentric funnymen form a triforce. You know Tim from Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Good Job! and DJ Douggpound from his work as Editor on Portlandia, and you probably know Hamburger from his Tuesday night residency at the Pizza Barn off Highway 20 in Atlantic City. Neil himself guaranteed us "a strong evening of potential laughter." SOLD. Austere Magazine Release Party -- Four women in Denton are shaking up the world of self-published print. They've been assembling interviews, creating video content, designing graphics, hand-binding issues and generally kicking the jams out of Austere's two existing issues. On Friday they launch their latest edition, a fashion-rich rag simply bursting with great photography. There's a party -- and it's shaping out to be major. You'll NEED TO RSVP IN ADVANCE if you want to pop in. Do that.

Pancakes and Booze Art Show -- I mean, those are all of your favorite words, correct? This nationally touring production heats griddles and flips your flaps on Friday night at Quixotic World. There'll be DJs, body painting, art everywhere and all-you-can-eat pancakes. It's only $5!

Saturday 1.12 Mike Birbiglia at the Winspear -- Comedian Mike Birbiglia has conquered nearly every available form of media from repeat segments on "This American Life" to stand-up. Books (His effort made it to the bestseller list), to stage and even film as his one-man show Sleepwalk with Me was converted into a hit cinema release. He's touring with his new off-Broadway one-man production My Girlfriend's Boyfriend and you only have one chance to see it. WARNING: Reviews have mentioned it's caused spontaneous wedding proposals.

The Outsiders Inn -- Everything about this party is amazing: You can explore the retrofitted Warby Parker road trip school bus (its interior has been designed to resemble a sexy professor's office, wood paneling and all) at The Old Bike Shop, a fully operational motorcycle repair shop in the warehouse district. It's an Outsider's themed House of Plates project, so there's boot shining onsite, food and drinks by Bolsa, a bunch of folks in letterman's jackets telling each other to "stay gold," a performance by Smile Smile and a DJ set by JT Donaldson. This bash runs from 7 to 10 and will be off many chains, as the kids (don't) say.

OLD at Ochre House -- Our favorite outsider playwright has put together another production for his tiny, Fair Park space. This one, titled OLD, is a vaudeville tragedy in two acts, centered around an old pair of scoundrels. Their adventures involve exploring a seedy cultural underbelly -- a group that the show's author Matthew Posey is already pleasantly versed in.

ART! So Much ART! -- It's a big night for season openers around the city. Check back with Mixmaster for a more comprehensive guide. It'll be up by Friday morning. For now, click this here title and read about four of our favorites happening over in the Design District. Sunday 1.13 Soiree Boutique Bridal Show -- I'm not a "wedding girl" by any means. Elvis in Vegas sounds great to me. But that's exactly why a show as massive as this one is appealing -- if you're someone's Maid of Honor in 2013, take that lady here. You can whittle down those planning hours by seeing everything in one place on one day. It's efficient and free.

Naked DART Ride -- Naked subway rides were started by the New York-based troupe, Improv Everywhere. Then, people across the country demanded their own opportunity to drop drawer and hop aboard public transport. So, you know: that's happening now. Dallas gets in the mix on Sunday for a pantless tour of Dallas on DART. Join them, or just find out where they'll be so you can avoid looking at all that leg cheese.

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