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14 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend, May 16 to 19

This could be you at Strokers on Saturday!

William Shatner is back as a special Dallas Comic Con guest -- just another excuse for you to dive into three days comic book digging, celebrity appearances and costume one-upmanship. There's also a fundraiser at a biker bar, a beer pong battle suitable for straight-edgers, and one downright exciting day of art. Brace yourself, and set your phasers to stunning, because it's The Weekend.

Share this list with your gang and click on event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one serenading Shatner.)

Thursday 5.16 Experimental Live Couch Session Art Discussion at CentralTrak -- This is one of the oddest and most intriguing art projects of ...ever, maybe? Photographer Denise Prince spent several years putting together her "Missoni" collection, currently on display at CentralTrak. It's intriguing work that deconstructs a fashion campaign through unconventional muses, including one dressed up human corpse. A-aa-a-nd here's where things get weird: Rather than presenting her own artist talk, she's flying in her analyst, Charles Merward, from Los Angeles to give a live couch session regarding the work. She'll sit silently as it occurs.

A Way With Words -- You know 'em. You love 'em. You're scared to speak slang around 'em. It's Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett, live at the Lakewood Theatre! Get your geek on, word nerds. All ticket sales benefit Aberg Center for Literacy.

THRWD Issue 3 Release Party -- If you aren't hip to THRWD Magazine yet, Dallas' newest underground art/fashion/music publication, tonight is your chance for reputation redemption. Pick up a copy of Issue Three, knock back a few drinks, and drop it all the way down at the Gin Mill. There's no cover, so buy a thing.

Friday 5.17 Dallas Comic Con -- From Battlestar Galactica to William Shatner, the fanboy and fangirl lusts run deep at Comic Con. There's so much packed into the three-day party that we've made an A to Z guide to help you navigate. (You're welcome.)

Auditions for The Quest -- There's a new reality show in the works called The Quest, and it's being billed as "The Amazing Race in Middle Earth." YES! IT'S FOR NERDS! Awesome. Casting crew will be at Barcadia on Friday night from 8 to 10 p.m. to see if Dallas' dorks have star potential.

Light the Runway -- It's fashion for a cause at Light the Runway, an annual catwalk bash that gets office attire into the hands of women who need profesh gigs, but can't afford the threads. Remember: a strong work outfit can really empower a gal.

Beer Pong Battle of the South -- There's a lot that we don't understand about this beer pong battle, like why it's done with water instead of beer. Anywho, a major tournament happens in Addison this weekend and folks are flying in from all over to participate. (I'm just going to let that all sink in.)

Saturday 5.18 A Guide To All Things Artful Happening on Saturday -- Whether you're mildly interested in art or fully immersed, Saturday has something to suit your agenda. There's the Visual Speedbump Tour in Oak Cliff, where you can poke around in artists' residences and studios. There's a strong night of gallery openings happening in East Dallas and the Design District, including must-see shows at Oliver Francis Gallery and Red Arrow Contemporary. And to top all of that off, ArtLoveMagic has its annual celebration of artful mayhem, Underground, from 8 p.m. to midnight at South Side. Here's 16 art parties I think you'll like. Whose Live Anyway? -- Proops! Props! Comedy! You loved Whose Line is it Anyway?, and guess what? It's being resurrected! To help hype the comeback, a live version of the show is touring and we get a Dallas visit, complete with your favorite comics, Saturday night.

Learn Curling -- You've failed at every other sport, but when you see Olympic curling you think "That's the one I can probably do." Then, you wonder what it's like to live in Canada, and if free healthcare and a vibrant indie film scene are enough to counterbalance the boredom. [Snaps back to reality.] Right! Here in Dallas we've got a curling community and they're inviting you to do some light sweeping at their open house. Try it out. Saturday, continued Lakewood Brewing Offers an All-Cask Brewery Tour -- In honor of Craft Beer Week Lakewood gets down to business with a special tour of all-cask brew. It's limited edition stuff, meant for extremely small-scale distribution, meaning you'll drink their most inventive recipes.

Benefit Bash at Strokers -- Each time you drive by Strokers in your shitty little hatchback you wish you had an excuse to pop inside. Drinking there is almost certainly like partying in an '80s rock video. Your reason happens on Saturday as the leather-clad crew raises dough for Brendan's Wish, a completely noble children's charity.

Pints 4 Paws at Deep Ellum Brewing Company -- A benefit called Pints 4 Paws at Deep Ellum Brewery wants to warm your heart and stomach on Saturday. The hops den partners with Cabot Creamery for this day of beer and cheddar (Hey, you love both of those things), plus silent auctions, raffles and more to raise dough for The Puppy Rescue Mission, which reunites returned soldiers with their dogs. And, yes! You can bring your hound.

Sunday 5.19 From Up on Poppy Hill at the Modern -- This blockbuster export film has been popping up in screenings around Dallas for the last couple months, but this weekend you can watch it at the Modern. (FYI: The Modern offers free admission this Saturday as part of National Art Museum Day, in case you're a cheapskate.)

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