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15 Awesome Things To Do In Dallas This Week: July 26 to 31

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It's finally happening: The world record title for most shaving cream pies thrown is on Tuesday!

Any week with pie-chucking is already a winner, but you aren't limited to competitive slap stick. There's a beer pong tournament, Design District Gallery Day (with free beer!), complimentary facials by Estee Lauder, free nails by Nicki Minaj's nail artist and a visit from Snoop Dogg's mom! Treat yo' self, but also treat your friends by sharing this list so everyone can get in on the fun. I'll see you at pie-throwing: I'll be the one wearing the head cam. Let's pie each other!

Thursday 7/26 Vistas at Kettle Art -- This collection of landscape photography was curated by none other than Oak Cliff's Erica Felicella, that performance artist/shutter bug who sealed herself in a Plexiglas box behind the Kessler for two days. I can't wait to see what she puts together for this show -- we know that the artists are local, and it's at Kettle, so it won't be boring. Go support.

Ladies in the Pulpit Launch Party -- While it's a well documented fact that Snoop Dogg wasn't born, but instead materialized as a heavy-lidded baby on the set of a rap video, one woman insists that she pushed him out the old-fashioned way. And that his "real name" is Calvin. She's Beverly Broadus-Green, an evangelist preacher, Snoop Momm, and star of a new reality show called Ladies In the Pulpit.

Friday 7.27

Scarlette Switches Divine Decadence Part II -- It's a lady-run takeover! Burlesque troupe the Lollie Bombs and Cramps tribute act The Gorehounds claim the main stage of The Church in the name of estrogen. Do it, ladies!

Let Estee Lauder Rub Your Face -- Book a free appointment for this Spa Day at Neiman's, or be forever sad. You'll get a consult and facial, then a makeover. Sure, you'll want to buy some lipstick afterwards, just to feel like a good human, but it isn't required.

Clay Stinnett Closing Reception at Texas Theatre -- If you've been to Texas Theatre in the last couple of months, you've seen Clay's amazing monster movie murals. They're pulpy comic book tributes painted on seven foot by five foot canvases. They'll be marked down, so plan ahead and get one for that comic lover in your life. When gift time rolls around, you'll be so ready.

Last Minute Pop-Ups!

Beer Pong Tournament with carnival food -- Those scamps over at The Space keep making life better for us all, and Friday they're doing it the Texas Way: with carnival food and beer pong. There's also a live show by Paramecium and jams by DJs Genova and Killtron from Hot Flash. You'll want to register for the tournament by noon on Friday, and it's free if you arrive on bicycle -- otherwise, it's $5.

Kirk Hopper Art Gallery, which always does it right and different, is throwing a one-night only pop-up show called Man on Fire on Friday. There will be work by Jon McKenzie as well as Jared Primm and Ronsta Fari and a music thang by vocalist Zoe-Fashion Plate, and Grammy-winning producer, Jah Born. Saturday 7.28 LOL Comedy at House of Blues -- Finally, someone has corralled all of our favorite local comedians into one venue on one night. Thanks, House of Blues! For just $10 you'll see Paul Varghese, Chelsea Hood and our other favorite comedy rock stars in one showcase. There's still time to register to win free tickets.

Get a Free Manicure, Designed by Nicki Minaj's Nail Artist, Kandi Banks -- So Nokia is launching a new phone, it's a little pink number called the Lumia 900. They've hooked up with Nicki Minaj's stylist to hype it. Here's what that means for you: Go to Stonebriar Centre Mall in Frisco, sign up, then wait for the text. When you're up, you'll get to select one of three styles for your complimentary mani. (I like the one with lightening bolts!) When you're done, you can pose in front of a green screen and pretend you spent the day hanging out with Nicki. New profile pic? Definitely. It starts at 10 a.m. and goes until 6 p.m.

Design District Gallery Day -- This is pretty phenominal; we get nine hours to explore our favorite art spaces in the Design District, AND free beer by Brooklyn Brewery and giveaways, like t-shirts by Lunch Buddies! Here's my guide to conquering it properly.

FashionABLE Trunk Show at Gypsy Wagon -- What's that? You get shop at one of our favorite vintage spaces, find great treasures AND help women in Africa build sustainable businesses? Great news. First Annual Bandele Consciousness Festival -- Bandele Tyehimba made Dallas better. He made people better. He truly changed the world by dedicating his life to civil rights issues, and on the day of his death last February he left a wish behind: He requested a Consciousness Festival be held at his Pan African Connection gallery and book store. Now, it's happening. Unite in his memory, and learn about this pivotal business and its role in the community.

DITHER_DØØM: ∆N INTRØ TØ M∆¥∆N NEW MEDI∆ at Oliver Francis Gallery -- OFG has been doing this a lot lately, surprising us with shows a couple days before they happen. It adds a feeling of immediacy, making most of us shift our schedules around to squeeze 'em in. This one is a must-do: a screening of experimental shorts based on the theme "The End of the World." Curated by Patrick Quinn (Chicago/NYC) and presented by Alfredo Salazar-Caro, DITHER's made-up of work by six artists from as far away as Germany and Korea. Check it out. (Can't make it? Watch it stream live here.)

Sunday 7.29 Second Annual BeerBQ Fest -- What's that, Flying Saucer? You're tapping 12 beers that night AND serving up super delicious barbeque? Yeah, I'd tap that.

Tuesday 7.31 World Championship Pie Throwing Event! -- Consider this your payment for living a good, decent life. On Tuesday you'll join three different clowning contingents and attempt to break the world record for Most Shaving Cream Pies Thrown. Goggles are provided. Personally, I think this is the greatest date you could ever go on, but pre-registration is required.

Have a great event that you think should make The List? Send me a lovely electronic letter: [email protected] -- and do send it in advance. The sooner, the better.

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