15 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend, July 11 to 14

That's right, it's the weekend and that means: L-I-V-I-N.

Alamo Drafthouse has a free, outdoor screening of Dazed and Confused on Saturday, the Inwood shows Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure as a midnight quote-along and Texas Theatre completes the throw-back triad with a weekend dedicated to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'s 25th anniversary.

Rather get a sample of new films? Easy, the Asian Film Festival of Dallas begins its eight-day run on Thursday at the Angelika. Surrender to air conditioning while absorbing the year's best releases by Asian and Asian American filmmakers and check out the offshoot events -- these guys throw GREAT parties.

There's also art openings, fashion shows, food sampling and more. As always, click on the event titles for more information and share this list with your cruisin' crew. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one posted up at Top Notch.)

Thursday, July 11 Asian Film Festival of Dallas -- Opening night films and parties kick off this eight day fest on Thursday night, but you could easily invest the full week exploring its content. (*Cough, cough* Call in sick. *Cough*) Here's a guide to ten, must-see films from AFFD.

Nails Across America Brings Nail Art to Good Luck Karaoke -- Artist Breanne Trammell works across a variety of mediums, from print-making to craft-based domestic methods like cake walks and kite building. On Thursday she'll bring her newest project, Nails Across America, to the Double Wide where she'll be exchanging free manicures for community stories. It's a fun, touring public art project and both men and women are encouraged to visit Trammell's nail trap.

Opening at W.A.A.S. Gallery -- Brace yourself for an athletic spin of the colorwheel in this new show by Patricia Rodriguez and the gallery-repped Neil Matthiessen.

Benefit for Cody Biggs at Goodfriend -- Local tattoo artist, motorcycle enthusiast, single dad and all-around nice dude Cody Biggs was hit by a car while riding to work last March. The impact left most of his body busted up: he's been recovering ever since. You can help Biggs while knocking back beers at your favorite bar on Thursday night when Goodfriend joins forces with a ton of local businesses for a benefit and silent auction to benefit Cody Biggs.

Good Dallas Panel Discussion at Garden Cafe -- We're a big ol' metroplex so naturally we have areas where we excel and where we're deficient. Improving the less desirable portions and enhancing the rest is the stuff of working together. Join this panel as they rap about food, expression, education, visitor engagement and recreation. Yeah, that's A LOT of topics for an hour-and-a-half panel.

Friday, July 12 Future Fashion Show at W.A.A.S. -- Dip the fashions of Tenoversix into the freshly designed showroom of W.A.A.S., then add a ton of music, a runway and three hundred of your closest friends. Oh, and it's free.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? at Texas Theatre -- This movie could only have been made in 1988, when adult-themed live-action, cartoon-crossover films really peaked. Re-watch the movie that brought you invisible ink, the ol' shave and a haircut joke, giant cartoon showgirl boobs and ...Dip. The New Navy Opening, with Artist's Talk at RE Gallery -- Samantha McCurdy and Alexander DiJulio get blue in this new look at hue. They'll examine it as it bends along various curves and surfaces, as it's contained within space and how it shifts or alters when textured. 10th Annual Modern Dance Festival -- Each year the Modern is taken over by dancers -- some local, some traveling -- out to show the metroplex that the art form isn't limited to ballet and tutus and refinement. These dancers get raw in their expression, and for a a few quick weeks you can see and learn what the most innovative bodies in modern dance are up to. Check it.

Saturday, July 13 Side Affect, at Liliana Bloch Gallery -- This group show brings together some heavy hitters, including Waddy Armstrong, Du Chau and Vince Jones, to name a few. All are examining the FDA's influence and practices since its inception through their contributions.

Ann Woods' Gild Opens at Kirk Hopper -- "Taxidermy mannequins, foam, push pins, fake roses, poured plastic, glitter" are the listed ingredients in "Cluster," a piece by Ann Wood that straddles the line of installation and sculpture. It's just one work from this new show that blends the masculine and feminine with modern and historical painting references -- often violent ones. Plus, it looks cool and uses glitter. You love glitter. Running of the Bulls Party -- We don't get a lot of Spain-centric celebrations in Dallas, so when something like this Running of the Bulls Party at Cafe Madrid comes along, you better break out your emergency cape. There will be drinking, eating, partying and photo ops with a dude in a bull outfit, which you need.

Free Screening of Dazed and Confused -- You know what I love about Dazed and Confused? I keep getting older and it stays the same age. Alamo Drafthouse Richardson screens this classic Texas summertime flick outdoors on Saturday night for free. There'll be food trucks and local breweries hanging out, so you can buy a snack and make a damn night of it.

Sunday, July 14 27th Annual Taste of Dallas -- You love walking and eating. In fact, if asked to list your favorite earthly gifts, those would sit right at the top, sharing space with "State Fair of Texas." Combine them all at Taste of Dallas where 60 of the city's restaurants gang up to sell samples in Fair Park. (Bonus: Those rides are switched on, so you can easily ... make room for more.)

Bill and Ted's Quote-along -- Technically, this one starts at midnight on Saturday but runs into Sunday morning. Whatever. It's a movie about time-traveling high school rockers who break through the continuum in a magical phone booth. Maybe specifics aren't all that important. It's your chance to shout along with your favorite lines, like: "San Dimas High School football rules!"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.