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17 Awesome Things to do In Dallas This Weekend, May 9 to 12

(Wait through the ad. It's worth it)

Well, now you're awake. That was just one snippet from tonight's Found Footage Festival at Texas Theatre.

Add another work week to the body count and get ready for a three-finger pour of not-office. Unstuffy art pops up all over Dallas on Saturday; Texas Theatre airs out the old VHS attic Thursday, then flips to 35-mm for a Wrath of Khan weekend; and humanitarian/hero Temple Grandin speaks at the Dallas Museum of Art on Friday. Yes! It's the weekend you worked for.

Click the event titles for more information and share this list with your fellow cultural spelunkers. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one mask-dancing with the elderly.) Thursday 5.9 Found Footage Festival -- Swoon over the VHS heyday with the fellas from Found Footage Festival at Texas Theatre. It's going to get a little weird when Joe and Nick launch in, showing off the most peculiar snippets from the low-distribution era, and that's precisely why you're going. They've been owning this game for nine years strong and never disappoint.

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Jamie Laughlin
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