20 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend, Jan. 15 - 19
Catherine Downes

20 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend, Jan. 15 - 19

Artopia 2015 Do some laundry, you're going out this weekend! If you only make it to one art party a year, make it this one. Because if the Observer knows how to do one thing, it's long form journalism... oh, and throw a bombass party. You'll hear music from favorite musicians, Ishi, French 75 and George Quartz. You'll see magic from Confetti Eddie. There will be art from Christopher Blay, and Justin Ginsberg and Jeff Gibbons -the mastermind award winning visual artists; tap dance from Katelyn Harris' Rhythmic Souls; books for sale written by the incomparable Merritt Tierce, and videos that peer into Wordspace and Teatro Dallas. And. So. Much. More. Plus, your ticket gets you booze and drink. Come party with us. 8-11 p.m. Saturday at Centennial Hall in Fair Park. Grab a ticket while you still can.

Thursday, Jan. 15 The Flick The Undermain Theatre is currently giving the regional premiere to The Flick, Annie Baker's Pulitzer Prize-winning play about movies, and the lives they inspire. Our theater critic, Elaine Liner, has great things to say about it. See it at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Tickets at undermain.org.

January Up! Inject some comedy into your life at Dallas Comedy House's newest show, dedicated to the suckiest month of the year: January. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the box office. Shows are at 8 p.m. every Thursday in January.

Deep Ellum Wine Walk Drink wine. Shop. Walk. It's pretty simple. Pop into Kettle Art Gallery, grab your $5 wine glass or your $8 mug, and fill it up at almost any local business on Deep Ellum's Main Street. Questions?

Tornado Alley 3d You know those earthquakes we've been having? Well, at least they aren't tornados. That's what you might take away from the Perot's newest movie, which sends you head first into Tornado Alley 3d, narrated by (who else?) Bill Paxton. See it at various times daily through May 21. Film admission is $5. More information at perotmuseum.org.

Friday, Jan. 16

20 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend, Jan. 15 - 19

Why Things Burn Over in Fair Park, the Margo Jones Theatre has a spark of a play on its hands with Why Things Burn -- a character study of the people who want out of the circus' freak show in 1952. Sounds intriguing. See it at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday through Jan. 24.

Marvel Experience We hope that in the next few days we'll be able to answer the burning question we know you're asking yourself, "What is the Marvel Experience?" We've been told that it's a ride, that it's a theme park, and that it's for kids. What we know at this point is that it's a huge Super hero-themed event that's taken over the Cotton Bowl. You can attend daily through Feb. 1.

The Shape Room Last week, Guthmiller gave me a sneak peek of some of the work in this show. He kept bringing up the Japanese idea of "Wabi-sabi," which I've overheard him using to describe his work other times. It's this concept that allows for and embraces imperfection. And that's the charm of Guthmiller's "Shapes." His sculptural paintings are compositions of shapes unrecognizable - no triangles or pentagons here - decorated in vivid colors. To look at them is like tracing pictures in the clouds, filling in the lines. See his latest work at The Safe Room at the Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd.) in an opening reception from 6-9 p.m Friday.

Keith Allyn Spencer's Boys do Cry I've never met Keith Allyn Spencer, but I'm guessing he's a fun guy. His artist statement, in which he explains his use of his middle name, made me laugh out loud. And his work is smart and playful, with names like "Share in Two Seconds iF You Love Your Mom" and "Dad Jeans." See his work in a solo exhibition at RE Gallery (1717 Gould St.) opening with a reception 7-9 p.m. Friday. More information at regallerystudio.com.

Rhythm in Fusion Festival In dance genres, tap dance is king of entertainment. It's got soul; it's got music; it's got rhythm, who could ask for anything more? Who could ask for anything more? Get hip this weekend with one of the many classes or performance at the inaugural Rhythm in Fusion Festival -- four days of workshops and shows at the Majestic Theatre. Take a body percussion class, learn how to Irish step, or polish up your digs. Or stick to the audience side of things and head to the big performance Sunday night and see these dancers in action. Each class or performance is $35. More information and tickets at rhythminfusion.com.

Paris is Burning There's a lovely little group called Cinewilde that programs a movie series at the Texas Theatre dedicated to the LGBT experience. This weekend, they will be hosting an anniversary ball with a screening of Paris is Burning - the Oscar nominated documentary about the transgender ballroom community in New York City in the mid to late 80's. See it at 9 p.m. for $10 and stick around for a behind the screen concert programmed by THRWD, featuring Dezi 5. More info at thetexastheatre.com.

ReMIX Appalachian Spring We're really excited for this concert. If you've never heard Aaron Copland's ode to America, Appalachian Spring, you've got excuse to miss this $19 concert this weekend. The casual symphony experience, ReMIX, brings you a night of Americana. First with Copland, then with John Adams' lesser known, but equally wonderful "Grand Pianola Music." Plus, the cheap ticket includes a free drink. Concerts at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Saturday, Jan. 17 Loris Gréaud's The Unplayed Notes Museum With previous installations as indicators, we think we can safely say that when Greaud comes to town, you don't want to be the person who missed the exhibition. The French conceptual artist has taken over spaces in some of the world's most prestigious art institutions from the Louvre to the Tate. And, lucky for us, the Dallas Contemporary has commissioned him to take over the entire space (26,000 square feet) to create what he describes as a "natural histories museum" but according to the narrative he constructed for the press release, it's a museum frozen in time after some inexplicable disaster. Just check out this trailer. It's going to be nuts. Carolyn Sortor's Seismic Hive In a city with far too little video art, and an audience with little to no understanding of how to wade into the small pool that does exist, this weekend brings us exciting exhibition. Intermedia artist Carolyn Sortor works in whatever medium catches her interest. For her exhibitions at the Reading Room (3715 Parry Ave.), Sortor will screen her 2009 series of "hive" videos, which includes one related to the opera, "La Wally." The exhibition will also include "a 15+ foot scroll of YouTube commentary on Maria Callas's performance, printed on vintage seismic graph paper from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. " This exhibition is a perfect complement to the Dallas Medianale, happening around the city.

Call and Response Speaking of the Dallas Medianale, the McKinney Avenue Contemporary (3120 McKinney Ave.) hosts an exhibition curated by Charles Dee Mitchell and Danielle Avram Morgan, who selected artists to display their work in the big galleries. See video art from Francis Alys, Gary Hill, Owen Kydd, Bruce Nauman, Tara Nelson, Joe Sola, and Micah Stanstell. Stop by the opening reception from 5:30 -7:30 p.m. Saturday. More information at videofest.org. Maybe the tide is rising in the video art scene here after all.

Artopia Don't miss it.

Ronald K. Brown I'll just let Danielle Georgiou, our dance writer, explain to you why this is an awesome thing to do this weekend. One night only performance at 8 p.m. Saturday. Tickets at attpac.org.

Sunday, Jan. 18 MAGCon Haven't you ever wanted to see a bunch of Youtube stars on the big stage? Yeah, not my thing. But I'm sure there will be hundreds of teenage girls heading to the Irving Convention Center at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, dragging their parents kicking and screaming. They'll pay $29-99 for it too. Because the world is a strange, strange place.

Anjelah Johnson I know her as the comedian who totally nailed the experience white women have when they're getting manicures. I've watched that Youtube video countless times and laughed every single minute of it. She must have more jokes and sketches because she's bringing a full length comedy show to the Music Hall at Fair Park Sunday night. Tickets are $49.04 at ticketmaster.com.

Monday, Jan. 19

Selma A good way to spend your day off Monday would be to see the incredible film, Selma. It's showing at the Angelika in Mockingbird Station. Showtimes vary.

The Explorer's Club A comedy about an all-male club in 1879 London going through a crisis, as women campaign to join, and a war breaks out when a savage slaps the king. See the Neil Benjamin play when it adventures onto WaterTower Theatre's stage at 7:30 p.m. Monday with performance through Feb. 8.

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