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23 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas on St. Patrick's Day Weekend, March 14 to 17

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Your St. Patrick's Day Guide to Getting Smashed and Making Out
Enter... The Parade Zone
Dash Down Greenville -- This Food Bank benefit and early morning 5K run is a Dallas tradition, which makes sense. After all, isn't it better to expend a little positive energy before you have a frat dude in flip flops holding your boots over your head as you attempt to break the Greenville keg stand record? Yes, yes it is.

Ladies and Gentlepups, May We Present Snoop Dogg Lion and Friends -- It's the biggest party that the Dallas Observer and our buddies at House of Blues could think of, so we made it happen. I'm afraid it's sold out, so hopefully you got a ticket in advance. You did, right? Good. Let's high-five and bump chests.

The Official After-party at House of Blues -- The official St. Pat's festivities might be over, but the second shift is just kicking off. Join the Dallas Observer at HOB for the official after-party featuring DJ BL3nd.

Green Kegs and Hammered -- Surround yourself with new friends and plan nothing at this epically organized bar crawl. You can opt to tag along on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, because this thing goes down all weekend long.

The Dubliner's Annual Block Party -- Of course you'll need to knock a pint back here -- it's the Dub! It's tradition! It's... there! Plus they've booked your favorite U2 cover band, With or Without U2. They go on at 9 p.m.

The Gin Mill -- You can hit up this Henderson staple at any point in the weekend and strike gold, but on Saturday they're serving up a full Irish breakfast and limited brunch with bloody mary and mimosa specials until 3 p.m. At night you'll get live music, and no, it doesn't matter who's playing. You'll be wasted.

Paddy Fest at Humperdinks -- You know what you need after a parade, excessive drinking, and whatever you inhaled during Snoop Dogg? An afterparty. Cap off your Irish afternoon here with $3.50 Irish stouts, $4 black and tans and $5 Irish car bombs.

Eat Something at B.B. Bop Rice Bowls -- Just remember that if you power drink all day, then Snoop it up without eating anything you'll act like a jerk. In turn, nobody will want to kiss your blarney stones. Do the world a favor and grab snacks throughout the day; B.B. Bop has $3 Asian nachos.

Granada -- I mean, we'll all wind up here at some point. Who doesn't want a picture with the Granada Leprechaun? He's almost as lucky as the Granada goatacorn. They'll have drink specials and all of your favorite humans at this legendary patio party.

Sundown at Granada -- Consider this your Red Cross tent in the day's battle with, and against, complete annihilation. They'll have phone charging on the patio and live reggae on the rooftop from noon until 7 p.m.

South by St. Patrick's Day at Crown and Harp -- This one kicks off at noon and features bands all day long. You'll get sets by Disposable Music, The Demigs, Walking Shapes, DRGN King, Lil Iffy, Mary Walker, Daily, and SW/MM/NG all for free. Don't panic: They'll have green beer, and for the refined St. Paddy's Day drinker, local crafts on tap (Peticolas, Lakewood, Revolver & Deep Ellum).

Barley House -- Start your day like a champion. Barley House begins serving up $3 breakfast taco platters and bloody marys at 8:30 a.m. $5 sandwich baskets begin to materialize at noon, and when the parade throws its last bead, Hard Night's Day will take the stage.

The Old Monk Block Party -- It doesn't matter that the heaviest foot action is a little further north; the Old Monk is a Knox-Henderson mainstay, aboslutely legendary for its St. Pat's celebrations. Stake out your spot on the patio and enjoy brunch from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. plus traditional Irish fare served until 10 p.m.

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