3 Art Events For Your Weekend

We are just a few weeks from summer ending, school starting and the return of the arts in Dallas. Enjoy these final quiet days before your calendar again fills up with events you cannot miss and art you want to see. In the meantime, here are three things to fill your week with: an artist talk, a solo exhibition that looks quite good, and a group showcase. Compiled by myself, Amy McCarthy, and Nikki Lott. 

Artist Talk with Roger White
If you don’t know anything about the art world, it can seem intimidating and daunting. Consider that especially true if you’re a young artist, dying to end up in the right circles with the right people, and ultimately, have your art recognized by critics (and buyers). In this artist talk, Roger White, a New York-based artist and Rhode Island School of Design graduate walks through the world of The Contemporaries, a meditation on the way that art has changed in the past twenty years. Among others, White will answer questions like “who makes art?” and walk through the careers of three totally different, yet highly in-demand artists. (Three of the artists discussed in the book are currently based in Dallas: Francisco Moreno, Arthur Peña, and Michelle Rawlings.) Head to Wild Detectives at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. -AM

Hyper Cord
There's something so aesthetically pleasing about Gina Garza's works, they're easy to let you brain drift into them. Her use of pattern, line, and subtly harmonious materials, like thread on a birch panel, challenge your eyes with a sort of tranquil minimalism. It's clear the work, which will be on display in Hyper Cord at Circuit 12 Contemporary (1811 E. Levee St.), comes from a sharp, clear mind interested in engaging the viewer with visual statements that are heady because they are precise. See the work in opening reception from 6-10 p.m. Saturday. More at circuit12.com. -LS

Annual Texas Artists Showcase
Remember that scene in Billy Madison when he yelled “Knibb High Football Rules?” and totally pandered to the crowd? Let’s do that, you guys. Texas Artists Rock!! and LuminArte Gallery in Design District (1727 E. Levee St.) is going to feature the hell out of them at the Annual Texas Artists Showcase. We’re talking painters, sculptors, designers and what about photographers? Um, HELL YES PHOTOGRAPHERS. That’s how hard Texas arts. Most of the work skews contemporary with sharp angles, bold colors and other art words. If that’s not your thing, maybe meeting real Texas artists? If so, just linger under the doorframe from 7 until 10 p.m. Saturday for the artist reception and maybe one of them will talk to you. Start working on your “approachable” face and casual “come-talk-to-me” pose and it’s pretty much a guarantee. The reception and exhibition are both free and open to the public. One last time for posterity – DALLAS ARTISTS ROCK YOU GUYS LIKE FOR REAL. More at luminarte.com. -NL

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.