3D Printing Company to Open Retail Location in Frisco

In 2013, we profiled 3D printing company Captured Dimensions, a Richardson-based company whose goal is to provide people with a futuristic way of making memories. And their technology has only gotten better. Now, the company uses more than 80 DSLR cameras arranged in a 360 degree array to take a super hi-res photo of a person, pet or object from almost every angle imaginable and then create a miniature version using a brand new, production-grade sandstone printer.

To shrink themselves into statues, it used to be that customers would visit Captured Dimensions' nondescript, warehouse-like offices in Richardson to have their photo taken and a print made. The offices served not just as a studio, but as a storage and work facility. But Thursday, the company will open their first retail location in Frisco under the name PhotoSculpt. "The hope for the store is to turn the experience into a more family-friendly one and to offer a more streamlined experience for people wanting to 3D print their loved ones," says company CEO and co-founder Jordan Williams.

For the last few years, Williams and crew have printed everything from wedding cake toppers to beloved family pets to people decked out in costumes. But some of Williams' most memorable customers have a more serious reason for seeking his services. "When a young boy was due for brain surgery, his parents brought him in to be captured the day prior," says Williams. "We were able to capture a special moment between him and his sister." Last week, the company replicated a Dallas PD officer who spends a lot of time working with children in the area, dressed as a superhero. They've also captured local firefighters in full bunker gear and created replicas for them to give their children. Same with military personnel.

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Having a 3D figure for families to hold and touch is a step beyond a 2D picture, but it wasn't always something most families could afford. But since the company's process has become more efficient, Williams and the team are now able to offer 3D prints at prices competitive with traditional photography studios. And PhotoSculpt doesn't stop at 3D prints.

"We've done a lot with augmented reality, holographic prints, virtual environments and more," says Williams. "The scan data we have is versatile and will only have more uses with time." And if you're not entirely sure what you want done with the images captured at PhotoSculpt, that's OK.

"A big point of focus for us is digital preservation," Williams says. "We want to enable the capture and retention of memories for everybody we can. One of PhotoSculpt's taglines is 'Making Memories Tangible.' That's really what we're all about."

PhotoSculpt, located at 8549 Gaylord Parkway, Suite 105 in Frisco, will have a Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Event on Thursday, January 29th, from 3-8 p.m. The Ribbon Cutting will be at 3:30. There will be snacks and refreshments along with door prizes.

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