5 Art Exhibitions to See in Dallas This Weekend

Simon Bilodeau's Story With No Ending
In a sense, a museum is a sculpture that houses paintings. Typically manipulated to be as unobtrusive as possible, the building interacts, intentionally or otherwise, with the work on display. The two are inextricable. It follows that an artist would be hyperaware of the way environment affects his or her work. Perhaps this is why Simon Bilodeau began exploring ways he could directly control the structure surrounding his paintings. He incorporates sculptural, site-specific elements into his work to change the effect of the paintings. This is precisely what he will do in his solo exhibition at Circuit 12 Contemporary (1811 Levee St.), The Story With No Ending. See the work in opening reception from 6-10 p.m. Saturday, or through October 12. More at circuit12.com.

Michael Wynne's the shabby years
One of Dallas’ greatest art collectors also happens to be one of its greatest painters. Michael Wynne engages in two of life’s finest pursuits: making art and buying art. For these things, we salute him! Not to mention the subtly marvelous “shabby minimalist” paintings he’s been making of late. The exhibition of Wynne’s work at RE Gallery (1717 Gould St.), aptly titled The Shabby Years, attempts to encapsulate the artist’s prolific and varied art-making. There will be a smattering of his larger work, along with text paintings on panel, canvas and scraps, and some in neon, as well as a peek into Wynne’s collaboration with Andy Don Emmons and Terry Hogan under the pseudonym Brush Muscle. At the opening reception from 6-9 p.m. Friday there will be a musical performance by Inferno Texino. More at regallerystudio.com.
Erika Blumenfield's Light of the Midnight Sun
Artist Erika Blumenfield recently had a residency in Antarctica with the Interpolar Transnational Art Science Constellation where she continued her ongoing study of light phenomena. Her work blends styles from many minimalist artists from previous decades with interests in issues of environment and ecology, exploring aspects of climate change and the like. On display at Zhulong Gallery will be new video and photographic works in a continuation of her light recordings series. See it in opening reception from 6-9 p.m. Saturday. More at zhulonggallery.com. 

A to Z: Abracadabra and Zombies
Step away from your computer for a minute and consider the surreal idea that you spend most of your day fixed to a screen. It's almost otherworldly. What is this ungodly portal you are reading these words on? Why do you listen to it telling you how to spend your time or which direction you should travel in? Technology often walks a fine line between the practical and the fantastical, and this is exactly what the new exhibit curated by Danielle Avram, the curatorial fellow at the Pollock Gallery at Southern Methodist University, explores in A to Z: Abracadabra to Zombies. This new exhibit opens with a reception from 6-8 p.m. Saturday, and explores "topics such as spiritualism and otherworldly phenomena, the apocalypse and utopia, arts-based activism and the possibility of a post-human world." There will be various events throughout the next few weeks tied to this exhibit. 

Erica Stephens: Southern Vanitas
Have you ever found yourself at a museum, standing in front of a still life, wondering why the artist chose just such an arrangement of things? Why that book? What’s up with the candlestick? And why, oh why, couldn’t he have found some fruit that wasn’t rotting? The paintings often tell you a lot about the artists and what matters to them enough to memorialize in this way. What would you put in your still life? That’s what artist Erica Stephens wants to know in her upcoming exhibition, Southern Vanitas, at The Safe Room in the Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd.). She’s inviting visitors to the gallery from 7-10 p.m. Saturday to bring personal items to add to objects in the tradition of Dutch Vanitas paintings from the 1600s. She’ll provide a small assortment of fruit, flowers, candles and books to combine with whatever you choose to bring. Then, she’ll take instant photos of the arrangements and display them alongside her oil paintings for the remainder of the show. For $5 you can take the photo home with you. Admission to the show is free. More on Facebook.com.

More recommended openings: 
Keeping It Real at Kettle Art Gallery
Surrealist works by several North Texas visual artists curated by Duke Horn.
7-10 p.m. Thursday.
2650 Main St.

Ad Infinitum at Galleri Urbane
Jessica Drenk's solo exhibition
6-8:30 p.m. Saturday
2277 Monitor St. 

Sprawl: Words, sounds and ideas from the intersection of CalArts and Texas at Central Trak.
2 p.m. Saturday
800 Exposition Ave. 

Just the Two of Us at Cris Worley Fine Arts
Two- and three- dimensional works by husband and wife, Shannon Cannings and William Cannings.
6 p.m. Saturday
1845 Levee St. 

Diedrick Brackens, Robert Barsamian, Anthony Sonnenberg at Conduit Gallery 
6 p.m. Saturday
1626 Hi Line Drive 

Matthew Cusick at Holly Johnson Gallery
6-8 p.m. Saturday
1845 Levee St. 

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