5 Art Exhibitions to See This Weekend
Carolyn Sortor

5 Art Exhibitions to See This Weekend

Carolyn Sortor's Seismic Hive In a city with far too little video art, and an audience with little to no understanding of how to wade into the small pool that does exist, this weekend brings us exciting exhibition. Intermedia artist Carolyn Sortor works in whatever medium catches her interest. For her exhibitions at the Reading Room (3715 Parry Ave.), Sortor will screen her 2009 series of "hive" videos, which includes one related to the opera, "La Wally." The exhibition will also include "a 15+ foot scroll of YouTube commentary on Maria Callas's performance, printed on vintage seismic graph paper from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. " This exhibition is a perfect complement to the Dallas Medianale, happening around the city.

5 Art Exhibitions to See This Weekend

Call and Response Speaking of the Dallas Medianale, the McKinney Avenue Contemporary (3120 McKinney Ave.) hosts an exhibition curated by Charles Dee Mitchell and Danielle Avram Morgan, who selected artists to display their work in the big galleries. See video art from Francis Alys, Gary Hill, Owen Kydd, Bruce Nauman, Tara Nelson, Joe Sola, and Micah Stanstell. Stop by the opening reception from 5:30 -7:30 p.m. Saturday. More information at videofest.org. Maybe the tide is rising in the video art scene here after all.

5 Art Exhibitions to See This Weekend
Loris Gréaud

Loris Gréaud's The Unplayed Notes Museum With previous installations as indicators, we think we can safely say that when Greaud comes to town, you don't want to be the person who missed the exhibition. The French conceptual artist has taken over spaces in some of the world's most prestigious art institutions from the Louvre to the Tate. And, lucky for us, the Dallas Contemporary has commissioned him to take over the entire space (26,000 square feet) to create what he describes as a "natural histories museum" but according to the narrative he constructed for the press release, it's a museum frozen in time after some inexplicable disaster. Just check out this trailer. It's going to be nuts.

5 Art Exhibitions to See This Weekend
Randy Guthmiller

Randy Guthmiller The Shape Room Last week, Guthmiller gave me a sneak peek of some of the work in this show. He kept bringing up the Japanese idea of "Wabi-sabi," which I've overheard him using to describe his work other times. It's this concept that allows for and embraces imperfection. And that's the charm of Guthmiller's "Shapes." His sculptural paintings are compositions of shapes unrecognizable - no triangles or pentagons here - decorated in vivid colors. To look at them is like tracing pictures in the clouds, filling in the lines. See his latest work at The Safe Room at the Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd.) in an opening reception from 6-9 p.m Friday.

5 Art Exhibitions to See This Weekend
Keith Allyn Spencer

Keith Allyn Spencer's Boys Do Cry I've never met Keith Allyn Spencer, but I'm guessing he's a fun guy. His artist statement, in which he explains his use of his middle name, made me laugh out loud. And his work is smart and playful, with names like "Share in Two Seconds iF You Love Your Mom" and "Dad Jeans." See his work in a solo exhibition at RE Gallery (1717 Gould St.) opening with a reception 7-9 p.m. Friday. More information at regallerystudio.com.

Additional exhibition openings: Israel Lund at the Power Station (3816 Commerce St.) from 6-8 p.m. Saturday. More info at powerstationdallas.com. "New Work" by artists Alejandro Diaz-Ayala, Sergio Garcia, Luke Harnden, and Nicholas Mathis at Kirk Hopper Fine Art (3008 Commerce St.) from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Saturday. More information at kirkhopperfineart.com. Gallup Motel Butchering at Central Trak (800 Exposition Ave.) 8-10 p.m. Saturday. More information at centraltrak.net. Studio Visit 1.2 at the new location of Cris Worley Fine Arts (1845 #110 Leevee St.) from 6-8 p.m. Saturday. More information at crisworley.com. Video and photography by British artist K. Yoland in Foreign Affair at Beefhaus (833 Exposition Ave.) from 7-10 p.m. Saturday. More info.

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