5 Art Exhibitions to See This Weekend

Kent Dorn: Into the Night Houston-based artist Kent Dorn swims upstream for his exhibition at The Safe Room that opens this weekend. Er, he rolls up the highway at least. Then he climbs the stairs up into the hidden gallery space at the Texas Theatre (231. W. Jefferson Blvd.), paintings under arm, to display his new series of work, which is described as "parody[ing] the idealism of early American landscape painting." Honestly, there's no telling how Dorn and his work will arrive, or at least it's none of our business, but we've been told to show up at The Safe Room from 6-9 p.m. Saturday. Admission is free. More at thetexastheatre.com.

Myth America We build our lives on mythologies. Narratives, often grand ones, are responsible for structuring much of the way we discuss history, and therefore shape how we live in the present. Myth and legends are the subject of the next exhibition at Kettle Art Gallery, which will be a four man show featuring work by Clint Scism, Justin Clumpner, Johnny Hawkins and special guest Mark S. Nelson. See their interpretations and ideas through May 9.

SELLOUT by Annie Preece Lab Art Texas is the LA transplant in the Design District that brings street art into the gallery. Riding the wave of popularity for the genre, this space presents the work both on and off its white walls with special exhibitions of notorious artists, like Annie Preece who will have solo exhibition in the space opening this weekend. The space turns the opening receptions into parties with plenty of booze. Swing through from 7-10 p.m. RSVP to info@labarttexas.com.

Evan Meaney How do new media artists approach the decay of the physical? The question may sound pedantic, but consider this: Collectively, human beings are leaving a more permanent mark on the earth thanks to the Internet. We're storing our resumes, our social interactions and more in the cyber world, which is likely to exist much longer than we will. Now, that's a reductive way to talk about Evan Meaney's work, which is far more complicated than can be summed up here. But it might be a good point of entry for the screenings of his work in "glitch" media at CentralTrak (800 Exposition Ave.) at 7:30 p.m. Sunday. The works are collectively titled /a_ceibas_cycle.zip and promise an interesting look at the artist and his ideas. Admission is free. More at centraltrak.net.

Her Obsidian Intentions: Contemporary Latina Artists Currently on display at Mountain View College's Cliff Gallery is an array of work by five female Latina artists. Ann-Michèle Morales, Elizabeth Hurtado, Irma Martínez Sizer, Sara Cardona, and Adriana Martinez-Gonzalez are the featured artists in a show curated by Tina Medina meant to demonstrate the wealth of work by Latina artists that is far too often overlooked. There will be a reception at 2 p.m. Saturday. The work remains on display through May 1.

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