I believe I told you it's time to take down those Christmas lights, mister.
I believe I told you it's time to take down those Christmas lights, mister.

5 Dallas Arts and Culture Events That Will Make January Feel a Little Less Bleak

It's January, and even though the weather has been nice, it's still pretty terrible to think about the fact that we have cold, hard months of winter and work before it's time to sit on patios with margaritas. Dallasites aren't at their best when it's cold outside, and if previous years are any indication, we'll likely be seeing frigid temps until at least March. Put simply, this last weekend was a fluke, and the weather is probably about to get much more gross.

But that doesn't mean that you have to just sit at your apartment and bitch about the weather on Twitter. Instead, consider one of these fun and interesting Dallas and Fort Worth arts events that are much more intellectually stimulating than making cat memes on your phone.

Oral Fixation: Slippery Slope January 19 Wyly Theatre $25 and up

This live story-telling event is always situated around a theme, and this time, it's the slippery slopes that we've all found ourselves on at one point or another. The stories told at Oral Fixation are like none other, especially when you consider that its participants are regular, normal people, and not famous actors or comedians. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably feel uncomfortable, and that's the entire point.

Wellness 101: Ayurvedic Winter Wisdom January 21 Crow Collection of Asian Art Free

After all that eating and drinking over the holidays, your puffy ass could probably use a little ayurveda in your life. Nutritionist and ayurveda practitioner Sapna Punjabi-Gupta's three-part lecture at the Crow Collection of Asian Art may not be able to immediately heal you of that lingering gluten intolerance, but maybe you'll finally learn something about how to eat and live healthfully. Admission to the lecture series is free, so you can save your cash for hot yoga classes and the inevitable trips to Whole Foods.

NextTopic: Dialogues On Race January 22 CentralTrak Free

This Dallas artists' residency has really been pushing the envelope in terms of the progressive conversations that its exhibits have inspired. In keeping with this trend, CentralTrak pairs up with Make Art With Purpose (MAP), a collective of artists dedicated to creating works that are as activist as they are aesthetically pleasing. This week's discussion focuses on MAP's anti-racist billboard illustrations, and engages civic and community leaders alongside artists to discuss the issue of race in Dallas.

Hypnotic Donut Dash January 24 Grand Place at Fair Park $20-30

Running after doughnuts sounds terrible, but it is apparently a thing that people do. This year's Hypnotic Donut Dash 5K is being hosted at the Grand Place at Fair Park, which means there's plenty of room to walk off those doughnuts and chicken biscuits before you attempt to run those five kilometers. The event benefits Carry The Load, a charity that honors the sacrifices of veterans, so it's worth waking up early and running for. There are doughnut hole stops along the course, free beer and even a chubby bunny contest. Assuming that you don't pass out in the middle of the track from being out of shape.

ArtHouseFW: The Shooting January 24 Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth $7

If B-movies are your thing, this study in legendary producer Roger Cornan's influence on the genre's later filmmakers will be right up your alley. The Lone Star Film Society's screening of Monte Hellman's The Shooting, starring Jack Nicholson, will explore how the film influenced the evolution of westerns into more "heady" territory, along with how they defined Hellmen's career as a director. Even if you don't know much about film, the movie's poster promises "unequaled climax," which is I think something we can all get behind.

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