5 Free & Cheap Culture Events This Week

It’s been quite the week to be a Dallasite. After a national racially-charged controversy and a gunfight at Dallas Police Department headquarters, here’s hoping that the third week of June is much more chill than its predecessors. If you want to take your mind off of the crazy happenings across the city, getting out and experiencing a little culture is exactly what you need.

Or if you still feel like saying “fuck the system” a little more, plenty of this week’s best five free & cheap culture events will give you an opportunity to protest gentrification and the commercialization of Bishop Arts. If activism is not really your thing, you can still find plenty to do this week without having to spend all your beer money.

The Future Of Bishop Arts: A Neighborhood Conversation
Texas Theatre
Tuesday, June 16

Everyone’s favorite hipster neighborhood, the Bishop Arts District, is currently in a little bit of jeopardy. As big-money developers move into one of the city’s most authentic, neighborhood-oriented communities, there is (rightfully) plenty of worry about the future of this cool little enclave. On Tuesday night, the Texas Theatre will screen The Human Scale, a documentary that examines how the growth of modern cities “discourages human interaction.” Once the film is over, a panel of community leaders, activists, and other stakeholders will discuss the future of Bishop Arts, and what can be done to salvage its unique character as big business knocks on the door.

Classical Open Mic
Buzzbrews (Lemmon Ave)
Tuesday, June 16

Most of the time, going to an open mic means listening to someone’s dumb folksy singer-songwriter garbage, but this weekly event at Buzzbrews is like no other open mic in town. Classical artists from across the city — from flautists to classical vocalists — will show off their talents at Tuesday night’s Classical Open Mic. The evening blends both amateur and professional artists, so you might just be watching the next Yo-Yo Ma as you sip your freshly-tapped kombucha straight from the keg.

A Talk With DW Gibson
The Wild Detectives
Wednesday, June 17
There is likely no book more appropriate for the current climate in Oak Cliff than DW Gibson’s The Edge Becomes The Center: An Oral History of Gentrification in the 21st Century. In this discussion with the author at The Wild Detectives, Gibson, along with D Magazine’s Peter Simek, will explore how gentrification shaped the “New New York City,” and what that could mean for other cities. At this point in Dallas’ history, these kinds of talks are absolutely essential to our future progress.

Arts District Block Party
Dallas Museum of Art
Friday, June 19
The Arts District’s annual summer block party is a great way to spend the afternoon taking in a lot of really great art on the cheap. If you show up early, you can peruse the wares in the DMA courtyard, where goodies from the District’s museums will be on sale at up to 70% off. Later in the evening, screenings of Batman and The Avengers will be interspersed with unique tours of the building that highlight the evening’s superhero theme. Professors from UTD and other universities will also be on-hand to inject a little learnin’ into the evening.

Artist DIY Presents: The 40 Oz.
The Basement Gallery
Saturday, June 20
There is no beverage with more of an iconic status than the 40-ounce beer. Manhattans and fancy cocktails aside, a 40 of Olde English or Bud Ice is part of many of our experiences, and Artist DIY’s latest exhibition of local talent pays homage to the bottles that we all used to once play Edward 40-Hands with in college. Over 10 of Dallas’ best visual artists will display their work, while DJ Tums spins the perfect soundtrack. Free booze and giveaways are also on deck, which are both worth the $10 it costs to get in the door. 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.