5 Free & Cheap Culture Events This Week

At this point, we’ve all sort of adjusted to this oppressive heat. It’s just a fact of life, and we can no longer wallow in our air-conditioned homes pretending that it’s going to get cooler outside. Once you’ve made the decision to step out of the air conditioned paradise that is your home and into the inferno, though, there’s plenty of stuff to keep you occupied — even if it does mean sweating a little bit.

Sweating is good for you. Gwyneth Paltrow says that it makes toxins fall out of your body or something. Listen to Gwyneth and take your glistening ass to one of these five cheap (or free!) arts and culture events this week. You’ll get a little sweaty, but at least you won’t be watching that prison documentary on Netflix...again.

I Am Chris Farley Screening
Tuesday, August 4
Texas Theare

The story of funny man Chris Farley is certainly tragic, but there are plenty of jokes along the way. In I Am Chris Farley, director Brent Hodge takes the audience through the “hilarious, touching, and wildly entertaining story” for the first time. Follow Farley from his first show at Marquette University in Wisconsin to his meteoric rise on Saturday Night Live, and just try to keep it together during the comic’s tragic final years. Texas Theatre will screen the film only once, so if you’re determined to see it on the big screen, you’d better make it on Tuesday night.

The (out) SIDERS Project
Thursday, August 6
Latino Cultural Center

If you enjoyed S.E. Hinton’s coming of age tale — or at least had a total crush on Johnny Depp in the movie version — the Latino Cultural Center’s interpretation of The Outsiders is perfect for you. This performance will feature an entire cast of teenaged actors, will explore this classic story with Dallas as the backdrop. Original music is also part of the performance, which will help you experience one of your childhood faves in an entirely different way.

Swing In The Park
Friday, August 7
Klyde Warren Park

That Mad Men Netflix binge you’ve been on probably already has you wearing skinny ties and calling women “broads,” but you can really have a mid-century experience at Swing On The Park this Friday. Hosted at Klyde Warren Park, swing instructors from Studio 22 will lead even the most two-left-footed of novices through an introductory west coast swing class. You don’t need to worry about bringing a date if you’re #foreveralone, and you can totally count this as your cardio for, well, the rest of your life.

Mockingbird Mantra
Saturday, August 8
Mockingbird Station

We could all use a little more zen in our lives, especially of the free variety. CorePower Yoga will host a free yoga class for beginners at Mockingbird Station on Saturday, which is the perfect excuse to finally figure out whether or not your body can actually bend. Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle, and maybe people will actually believe that you’ve been to a yoga class or even know what “downward dog” really means.

Realms Of The Fourth Eye
Sunday, August 9
Pariah Arts

Described mysteriously only as a “definitive journey of exploration and experimentation into realms unknown,” this event looks as if it might be a mini Dallas version of Burning Man. The “leave no trace” festival (aka pick up your trash, you jerks) will feature art installations from artists from Texas and beyond, live music, and what promises to be a totally chill environment. You can BYOB, bring lawn chairs, blankets, whatever you need to be comfortable, and just hang out and soak in the totally collaborative environment. If you’re really strapped for cash, admission on Sunday is totally free. 

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