5 Terrifyingly Free Art & Culture Events This Week

It’s Halloween week, which means doing a lot of drinking in a skimpy costume. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that — Halloween is a sacred American tradition — but that doesn’t mean you have to rot your brain along with your teeth. You can watch plenty of scary movies and visit the haunted houses, but you should also make time to get a little brain food in.

If the zombie apocalypse is inevitable, you want the brain-hungry to be satisfied, yeah? Bulk up your noggin' with these five totally free art and culture events, most of which involve a little Halloween flair. This week, you can learn about politics, Japanese culture and the haunted history of one of Dallas’ oldest landmarks without spending any of your candy budget. Score.

Tuesday, October 27
Klyde Warren Park
Free (with RSVP)

It’s not a Halloween celebration, but Otsukimi celebrates the full autumn moon, and that’s definitely worth getting excited about, right? This traditional moon-viewing festival is a unique way to experience Japanese culture that doesn’t come around too often. A traditional Tsukushi-Mai will be performed by high-ranking priests from Fukuoka, along with calligraphy demonstrations, haiku poetry and music. If you’re looking for a cool way to celebrate the season without a stupid costume, this is probably your best bet.

Historic Halloween Happy Hour
Wednesday, October 28
Lee Harvey’s

Being that it is the week before Halloween, you should be spending all of your free time scaring yourself totally senseless. Get a dose of local (scary) history at Lee Harvey’s on Wednesday, when employees from the allegedly haunted Dallas Heritage Village gather to talk about the spooky happenings they’ve seen. If you’ve got some extra cash (or unused gift cards), you can bring them along to help Dallas Heritage Village’s annual fundraiser. The spooky stories will definitely be worth those six quarters you fished out of the couch.

GOP Debate Watch Party
Wednesday, October 28
Granada Theater

There’s nothing better than combining politics, alcohol and a bunch of people you don’t know, especially when a major election is preparing to take place. Gather a group of your nerdiest friends for a free watch party of the third Republican debate, and you’ll have the best Halloween experience imaginable. There’s nothing more blood curdling and terrifying than one of those jackwagons ending up in the White House.

Gong Fu Tea Service
Thursday, October 29
The Wild Detectives
Free (with RSVP)

In today’s fast-paced life full of Netflix and smartphones and constant email, sometimes we all just need to slow the hell down. In celebration of this marvelous idea, The Wild Detectives will host a traditional gong fu tea service, with emphasis on the s-l-o-w. In addition to learning more than you ever thought possible about tea and sipping brew from The Cultured Cup, you’ll be able to take in a screening of Wong Kar Wai’s critically acclaimed film In the Mood for Love.

Halloween at Good Local Market
Saturday, October 31
8503 E. Northwest Highway

It’s really not acceptable to put on a costume and beg for candy on Halloween as an adult, but Good Local Market downright encourages it. You could (technically) bring the kids and dress up the dog — best costume wins a prize, and it’s probably kale — or just shop around the market booths for all things pumpkin and plenty of great fall produce. You’re going to need vegetables after your weekend-long candy bender is over. 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.