7 Things to Do on Mother's Day for the Child-Free Woman

Us millennials may be onto something. Less and less of us are having kids. Maybe it's our recognition of a difficult economy that's oversaturated with student debt while trying to find our place in the job market during explicit episodes of an existential crisis? Or maybe it's the fact that we've finally learned that you don't need children to validate yourself and be happy. Thus, I give you seven reasons to recognize how badass you are without having to have a toddler tell you.

Spa Day In the spirit of Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford, Treat Yo' Self! Go get that massage, manicure, pedicure, and relax from the stress that life even without kids can bring. Try our list of best spas or best affordable massages. YOU DESERVE IT!

Free Yoga at Cosmic Café Once you're all rubbed out, take yourself to lunch and then have a free yoga class at Cosmic Café right off of Oak Lawn. (Call for session info)

Hiking around White Rock Lake I get it! Instinctively you'd want to avoid going to parks or even the lake on Mother's Day because of loud & obnoxious families having picnics or barbecues. However, there are plenty of spots around White Rock Lake for you to enjoy nature and some peace and quiet without interruption.

Go See a Movie While most families have "holiday traditions" of going to the theatre after whatever meal they just had, find comfort and safety in knowing that it's unlikely they'll be going to that Rated R flick that you've had your eye on for awhile. Check out schedules for Texas Theatre or even Alamo Drafthouse to avoid the possibility of large crowds.

Participate in Child-Like activities in an Adult Environment Celebrate the fact that you don't have any kids with the opportunity to act like a damn kid. Check out SpeedZone to drive drag cars or go-karts and they have drinks too! Or you could even go to Dallas-native Dave & Busters and play any/every type of arcade game and buy yourself that plush Cartman that you've had your eye on. There's even Bowl Lounge if you're still in the Design District. Go bowl, have a beer and a burger. Any of these places are a good safe haven to have fun and not feel obliged to smile at random rugrats before your next frame.

Go see Sufjan Stevens If you haven't listened to his newest album yet, do it now! You'll understand why seeing Sufjan on Mother's Day would make you grateful to be child-free. Carrie & Lowell delves into the turbulent relationship he had with his bipolar, drug-addicted and schizophrenic mother in such a heartbreakingly beautiful way. This will by far be one of the best shows that Dallas has seen in a long time. And you'll be wonderfully located downtown at the historic Majestic Theatre.

Become a Mom Without Wrecking Your Body I'm not talking about having sex and getting pregnant. If you can pull off sex on Mother's Day, all the more power to you. But, I'm talking about going to the SPCA or any animal shelter in Dallas and give a puppy or a kitten a home. Now THAT will certainly get you laid!

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Lucas Buckels
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