A Good Dose of New Art

I heard the title Thieves Like Us and immediately imagined Louise Fletched...which is something I try very hard not to randomly do since I was traumatized by her Nurse Ratched while watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. See, Fletcher was given her first film role as Mattie in 1974's Robert Altman classic Thieves Like Us, but that really has nothing to do with Art Prostitute and, frankly, I'm glad that now I can mentally sub in the new artworks of Vanessa Michel and April Pierce for that evil grimace in a white cap. Seriously, it's a relief and a pleasure to know I'll be viewing Michel's takes on immigration and labor (using a pigment derived from a Central American cactus beetle) and Pierce's drawings on everyday reality...neither of which are related to taking medicine, little sliding windows or fitted white uniforms. Thieves Like Us (the good one, the art exhibition) hangs through December 4 at Art Prostitute, 2919-C Commerce St. Call 214-760-7170 or visit artprostitute.com.
Nov. 4-Dec. 4
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Merritt Martin
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