A Saturday Night in Expo Park

This stands to be a memorable weekends in performance art in Dallas: not only can you see the provocative Carlos Martiel likely bleed out in Expo Park’s CentralTrak, there’s also an honest-to-goodness performance art festival just down the street at Beefhaus, 833 Exposition Avenue. In the Room We Discovered An-Other In the Corner is a weekly exploration of the dynamic nature of the artform, kicking off on Saturday, February 7 at 7 p.m. with Tesselated Fold. The event, organized by artist Alison Starr, is an interdisciplinary experience that meshes technology with dance, textiles, theater and music, creating a unique multi-sensory experience for the audience. Tesselated Fold brings together Sean Miller and Lily Taylor—who blend video and audio into dreamlike performances—with textile artist Chesley Antoinette, costume designer Whitney Bracey and dancer Jacqueka Lee of Brown Girls Do Ballet. The series, which runs on Saturdays throughout the month of February, is a sensory onslaught that celebrates an art form in a medium that moves, changes and provokes. See more about the series on Facebook or at artbeef.blogspot.com.
Sat., Feb. 7, 7 p.m., 2015
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Jennifer Davis-Lamm

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