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A Time Lord and One of His Companions Will Be at Dallas Comic Con's Fan Days

If you've ever wanted to meet a real Time Lord and one of their companions, well, someone should probably tell you that they don't really exist. As far as modern science knows, it's not possible for a police box or any public communication cubicle to traverse across different plains of existence. We're not even entirely sure that a human being would survive the trip.

The closest you'll be able to get to saying that you rubbed shoulders with a Time Lord (assuming that you meant an actual Time Lord and not say someone famous who played one on a TV show) is at the next Fan Days expo at the Irving Convention Center, where you'll get to meet Colin Baker, the actor who played the sixth incarnation of Doctor Who, and Billie Piper, best known for playing Rose Tyler with the ninth and 10th doctors.

The Fan Expo scheduled for February 7-8 will also feature a bunch of famous names and faces familiar to the kind of hardcore fandom that's willing to wait in long lines just for an autograph and a friendly handshake. The Dallas Comic Con announced that it has booked three stars from the TV series Arrow including Katie Cassidy, Stephen Amell and John Barrowman, who also played Captain Jack Harness on Doctor Who and Torchwood.

No collection of sci-fi geeks is complete without some Star Trek celebrities, and they have several familiar face for Star Trek fans on Autograph Row such as Robert Picardo who played Dr. Lewis Zimmerman on Star Trek: Voyager and Terry Ferrell from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Other famous names scheduled to appear at Fan Days include Emma Caulfield from the TV version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Christopher Judge from Stargate SG-1 and Melissa McBride from The Walking Dead.

We're sure McBride and The Walking Dead fans will have PLENTY to talk about this February.

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