A. Zombie, AMC's Fake Zombie Presidential Candidate, Invades the Arts District at Noon

It's one of the more elaborate television-related protests we've seen. AMC has created a farcical presidential candidate who is now on a cross-country campaign, which will hits Tampa and Charlotte for the Republican and Democratic conventions, respectively, before culminating in New York on September 5.

Dallas happens to be the first stop, and local zombies (i.e. you're invited and encouraged to dress like zombies) will gather today in the Arts District for a "rally" at noon and press conference at 12:30 p.m. on the East side of the Winspear Opera House at Jack Evans and Flora.

Why? Essentially, it's a pissing match between DISH Network and a host of channels we love, including AMC, which produces a number of critically acclaimed, award-winning programs, including the wildly popular zombie apocalypse horror/drama, The Walking Dead.

The campaign -- which is already more interesting than the real presidential one -- implores subscribers to drop DISH for an alternative provider prior to The Walking Dead's third season debuts on October 14.

AMC has gone all out for this -- they're offering giveaways, plus the opportunity to see the "next president of the United States" grunt and groan his way through a stump speech. Literally, there's a guy dressed like presidential candidate "A. Zombie," whose "human wife" translates amusing anti-DISH statements. And these actors are committed. They gave us a call yesterday and never broke character. (And for what it's worth, they double-barreled through an unexpected a gun control question like pros.)

So, yeah. We're really going to do this. Any reason in particular Dallas is the first stop on your campaign? Patty Morgan-Zombie: Dallas is very important to us -- in fact, my husband was born, raised and died here, so we couldn't think of a more important city for one of our first rallies. There will be giveaways, and a chance for my husband's zombie brethren to see his press conference. He's a one-issue candidate, after all: he believes everyone has the right to watch fine zombie programming in the privacy of their own homes.

We've seen online that he's taken official positions on a number of political issues, but since it's such a big deal here in Texas, we're wondering if he has a view on gun control? Gun control is an incredibly important issue, but we're more concerned about remote control! My husband could have taken DISH Network's blackout lying down -- he was already lying down, of course. But, he believes we should stand up for our rights and he is committed to equal viewing opportunities for all.

What can readers expect from today's rally? It'll be a great time! We're giving away cookies and buttons and all kinds of good stuff. Plus, how many times will you get to come out to see A. Zombie give a speech? Not to mention, it will be wonderful for all Dallas-based zombies to ban together for a common cause: supporting AMC programming.

Since you already have the tattered clothes and you were going to be in the Arts District today anyway for lunch at the killer food trucks, stop by for the spectacle. More info here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.