Addison Tops Dallas Neighborhoods In Cheaters, Per Capita

A recent study suggests that you might want to double wash your hands before exiting the restroom of that chain restaurant in Addison. The city tops's list of philanderers per capita. We can only imagine where they entertain their dalliances.

The controversial website caters exclusively to married individuals who prefer "becoming one flesh" with many other people, and do so by fishing online rather than exploiting their personal ties. By pulling these sex seekers out of other dating websites and penning them in together, AshleyMadison has gotten rich. Boasting a worldwide subscriber base of 13 million -- 200,000 of 'em walking amongst us in Dallas -- it would seem the market is larger than one might predict. Especially in Addison.

What is it about this sleepy town of strip malls and live/work/yoga buildings that drives its married inhabitants to their keyboards? The data is unclear. From a purely census standpoint, this city is normal. Income? Average. Household composite? 2.5. Dogs? Yes, they have them too. Could that be it? Are they suffering from a lack of chaos in their ordered lives? Be warned: Entropy is not to be trifled with.

Addison is not alone in its online ass-grabbing. It has second and third place wingmen in Highland Park and Frisco, respectively. Our artsy neighbors in Oak Cliff are happier overall, placing 10th in the rankings but interestingly lead in another category: married women who cheat on their husbands. That Coach bag-swinging girl in Uptown might have had other things on her mind when she stole your parking place: The neighborhood leads in single women chasing married men. Highland Park has its own sins to attest for: It leads North Texas in affairs featuring the freshly wed. Till death do us part? Try fewer than three years, on average.

Things hadn't always been so lucrative over at AshleyMadison, but when the bottom fell out of the financial market in 2008, "people couldn't afford to get divorced," explained the site's publicist. Enrollments shot up, astronomically. Addison included.

Here's the list of our 10 most adulterous neighborhoods, per capita: 1. Addison 2. Highland Park 3. Frisco 4. Lake Highlands 5. Plano 6. Downtown 7. Richardson 8. Uptown 9. Deep Ellum 10. Oak Cliff

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Jamie Laughlin
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