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#AlexfromTarget on #EllenfromEllen, and Our Brains Are Slowly Melting

#AlexfromTarget will appear on the Ellen Show at 3 p.m. Wednesday, and host Ellen DeGeneres gets to the bottom of the entire viral thing.

That's an exaggeration because really the only thing we learn from the segment is that he does in fact work at a Target just outside of Dallas, a.k.a. Frisco, like we told you Monday, and he learned of the photo when his store manager showed it to him.You can wait until 3 p.m or watch it online here.

Are you lost? If you need help catching up, somehow the power of Twitter, the Internet, and a bunch of teenaged girls made a Target grocer named Alex an overnight sensation and Twitter's No. 1 trending topic. He didn't do anything spectacular. A teenaged girl from Prosper (We're still going the fact that she was the first one to post the picture) just happened to snap his picture, and next thing you know, his Twitter followers went from 144 to more than 500,000 in the span of two days.

#AlexfromTarget is just as cute in real life (err, well, TV) as he looks on Twitter -- if you're into that kind of good-boy, 16-year-old look. What's that? You're not? OK, then maybe don't tune in. In fact, let's all collectively NOT tune in, because this is getting ridiculous.

If America has learned anything, it's that any stupid and insanely popular thing on the Internet, there's usually a bigger plan behind it. There are already rumors that #AlexfromTarget is one giant marketing hoax put on by Target, a marketing company, Jimmy Kimmel, or whoever else has time to think of these things.

However, #AlexfromTarget himself denies any corporate schemes. And it's mildly absurd that a marketing company would want to take credit for the virality of something so lamebrain, but what do we know?

Breakr claims they were behind it all, but could a company with only 1,355 Twitter followers really pull something like this off? Also, the company says they latched on to it after @auscalum posted it, but it was the girl from Prosper who tweeted it first on Oct. 26.

How many times can we say "Twitter is weird" in one day?

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