Alfred Angelo Makes Disney Princess Wedding Dresses. Like, for Adults?

My kid and I were just walking through Toys R Us and there it was: the Disney Princess wedding dress. She was drawn to it like I'm drawn to fried anything: She was mesmerized. Meanwhile, the feminist angel on my shoulder was like, "Wait -- Disney princess? Plus wedding?! Plus dress? Why is this aisle so pink?!? Is this a 'girl' section?? I -- this is too much --" [Explodes.]

When I got home, I tried to Google images of the toddler wedding dress just to prove to myself that it hadn't all been a dream. That's when I discovered Disney Bridal, offering Disney Princess wedding gowns. For adults. Like, for adult women (or men, rock whatever you wanna rock) for their weddings. For real, adult weddings.

They're just wedding dresses. If you looked at them without knowing they were specifically Disney-named, you wouldn't be like, "Oh, that's Belle's dress."

But, it did make me rethink the toddler wedding dress. At first, I thought, "It's just dress-up. She's also got a duck costume at home, doesn't mean she's going to grow up desperate to be a duck." But, apparently some chicks do grow up really believing in this Disney Princess stuff. Or, at least marketers think that there's a market for women who want to dress up like Snow White on their wedding day.

And the copy in the ad campaign goes all-in with its "Your fairytale awaits," headline. Yeah, the fairytale of marriage awaits you, ladies and gents. Complete with this forgetting-to-close-the-door-while-she-shits princess. Dreams really can come true!

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