All Day Long

Take a deep breath and release it. In your core, in your powerhouse, just below your heart, above your diaphragm and to the left of the Texas pride is where, if you've lived life to the fullest, you can find your Latin energy. OK, seriously though, living here in Dallas, we get to experience some of the finest blending of cultures America has to offer. You can find it easily in cuisine, fashion, art and, of course, music. KNON community radio (89.3 FM) honors Dallas' Latin influences annually with the Latin Energy Fest, bringing in acts ranging in styles and genres for a daylong event in Fair Park. "It'll be a tight show," KNON general manager Dave Chaos says, explaining that, this Sunday, not only will fans be privy to Latin hip-hop, Dirty South hip-hop, Cumbia, Pachata and freestyle, but they'll only have to wait five to 15 minutes between acts. The Latin Energy DJs heard on the station from noon to 4 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays are even sacrificing their day off to serve as festival hosts...though, if the lineup is as good as they say, it won't be much of a sacrifice. Tickets are $10 at the gates, which open at noon. The show ends at 10 p.m. Visit
Sun., June 4, 12-10 p.m.
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Merritt Martin
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