I have to admit, I'm a little miffed with the Pawn Gallery in Deep Ellum. The other day I went to check my office mailbox and noticed all these cool, slick postcards (mailed in clear Mylar envelopes) in everyone's slot. I was excited when I reached into mine but found nothing. I took a closer glance at someone else's and was shocked to see it was from the Pawn Gallery, the very same gallery that befriended me on MySpace. Me! And now they've snubbed me. I had to pull someone else's card out to write this up. And so now they find themselves relying on me to tell you about their latest show. Such poetic justice...but I'm a nice guy, so here goes. Kenny Hensley's art stems from an accident he suffered some 20 years ago, which took part of his brain, a condition resulting in his disturbing yet reverberant art pieces. Think Kahlo meets Body Worlds with a touch of Warhol. Altered runs through February 24. The gallery is located at 2540 Elm St. Call 214-453-3885 or visit
Feb. 2-24
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Rich Lopez