American Idiot: The Musical Presale Tickets Are Now Available

Growing up with a band is strange. I was playing spin the bottle to Kerplunk in the early '90s, and sittin' shotgun to inappropriate high school boys when Dookie dropped. I won't go into detail of what I was doing during the follow-up Green Day albums. Now I've got health insurance and Green Day took its 2004 release American Idiot, turned it into a musical and aired it out on Broadway. It's since collected two Tony noms and kicked out a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album. Man, Billy Joe, I feel so proud of you.

American Idiot: The Musical is coming to the AT&T Performance Center in Dallas in May, and the Observer wants you to have the best seats possible, so we got you a presale code that lets you buy tickets now, instead of 10 a.m. this Saturday morning when the rest of the public is able to grab them. Be the first so you can get the best view during the needle drugs scenes. Tickets range from $25 to $125. Get them here and enter the presale code "PUNK" to snag 'em before anyone else.

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